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  1. Disney Maddux

    A Thespian's Life for Me!: Theatre Thread

    Greetings! I couldn't find a thread dedicated to it, so here's a thread for thespians and/or people who absolutely love theatre! I have a few roles under my belt, including Slugworth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Harriman Spritzer in Hairspray! What are some roles you've done?
  2. Disney Maddux

    Will ANYTHING ever happen to Discovery Island?

    After River Country was finally demolished, and with Reflections aiming for a 2022 opening, I'm now very curious as to the fate of Discovery Island. Security for it has definitely gotten more tight in recent years, especially with more people now finding ways to get onto the island, and even...
  3. Disney Maddux

    Epic Mickey Appreciation Thread

    Having just gone back and replayed through the first game, I wanted to make an appreciation thread for this truly epic game! Really hoping the rumors are true that we're getting a remaster for modern consoles.
  4. Disney Maddux

    Christmas Surprise!

    I am a member of my Thespian Theater Troupe at my high school, and I am planning a big Christmas surprise! Everyone is getting gifts! Only our president, and my three best friends know about it, everyone else doesn't have a clue! The surprise goes for launch in T-5 days as of writing this! Wish...
  5. Disney Maddux


    Ask Me Anything! :D
  6. Disney Maddux

    Delete this thread please!

    This was meant to be a horror film thread, but now I know there's already one.
  7. Disney Maddux

    Proper Introduction

    Hello there! I've been on the forums for a while now, but I never did any real introduction. Now is the time! (and no, not the best time of your life. This isn't Carousel of Progress.) Now, without further ado: Hi there! My name is Maddux. I am 15, and if it wasn't obvious enough, I absolutely...
  8. Disney Maddux

    News Astro Orbiter Problems?

    Astro Orbiter has been down since at least Tuesday. Anybody know what's going on?
  9. Disney Maddux

    Rumor Epcot Center & Doctor Strange Experience?

    https://www.micechat.com/228166-rumor-update-forgetting-figment-hello-epcot-center/ In this article, Mice Chat states the spine area in-between Spaceship Earth and the Fountain of Nations will no longer be part of Future World, but soon be renamed to "Epcot Center" as a reference to the...
  10. Disney Maddux

    I'm 15! :D

    Wooo! Me, the WDWMagic forum user that probably everyone hates because of my Zootopia love has turned 15!
  11. Disney Maddux

    SGE Replacment - The Incredibles: Jack-Jack Encounter

    Yesterday at 6:30 PM #2,968...
  12. Disney Maddux

    Your Favorite Disney Character?

    A very simple question! Who is your favorite Disney character? Mine is- Well actually, mine is pretty obvious. (One thing I always like doing is meeting Mickey and telling him he's my 3rd favorite character. It's always a funny reaction from both him and cast members :3) So who's yours...
  13. Disney Maddux

    Your Favorite Disney Parade?

    A simple question: What is your favorite Disney parade? Ever since they've added Judy and Nick, the Move It Shake It has become my favorite. But, what's yours?
  14. Disney Maddux

    When will we see Zootopia 2?

    By this point, Zootopia 2 is more of a when than if, but the question is: When will we see it happen? The first movie as we all know, was a box-office success and received overwhelmingly positive acclaim. Plus, with all the sequels Disney is coming out with, that almost gurantees a sequel...
  15. Disney Maddux

    Fire Alarm Pulled at Cosmic Ray's

    I was just eating at Cosmic Ray's, until suddenly the fire alarm went off, and everybody was being escorted out. I wonder what's going on? UPDATE: Alright, just went back... And it was just a drill.
  16. Disney Maddux

    A Cool Way to Bring Back Main Street Theater

    Hello WDW family! Today, I have an idea of how to bring back the Main Street Theater concept in a way that could bring in a bigger audience and still make sense! If you're a fan of classic Disney shows, you probably remember House of Mouse. Well, in the intro to this fantastic show, what does...
  17. Disney Maddux

    Zootopia Meet & Greet

    Hello peoples! I have been wondering about this for a while.. Does anyone know when we'll ever see a Zootopia Judy & Nick meet-n-greet? Based off the success of the movie, plus that it seems Disney is working on a sequel, I think it's safe to assume we'll get one eventually, but does anyone know...
  18. Disney Maddux

    Closed Attractions That Were Mostly Hated But I Loved!

    Hello everyone! Here I will be showing a list of attractions that are long gone that most people don't miss, but I absolutely loved and do miss! Here we go: Lights, Motors, Action - Before it closed, I honestly preferred this over Fantasmic as my favorite show in WDW. I loved how much different...
  19. Disney Maddux

    News Unlikely Source Confirms TSL Opening Date!

    Hello everybody! Ima get right to the point to get this exciting news out! While booking our hotel for my birthday on May 28th, we asked about fastpasses for TSL. The woman said that since we have the hotel booked, we may get fastpasses on March 29th! So, we can now confirm it will be opening...
  20. Disney Maddux

    Your Dream Attraction!

    Hello everyone, and this is my 2nd post! :D I wanted to make a thread asking YOU: What is your dream attraction? What attraction do you want to see happen, and what are your ideas for it? Here is mine: A 3rd (maybe 4th if Star Tours is moved into Galaxy's Edge), ride for Galaxy's Edge! It would...
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