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  1. lee.moles.disney

    Large maps of Walt Disney World which can be wall mounted

    Hi everyone You know when people get maps of the world and put pins into all the places they have visited. Does anyone know of anything similar for Walt Disney World? Preferably Retro looking? Or is it not a thing?
  2. lee.moles.disney

    Maximising Avios points/ British Airways flights from the UK

    Hi all, Just wondered what are peoples experiences with collecting Avios points towards flights from the UK to Florida? Im going to start collecting then heavily through Nectar point conversions from Sainsburys, Ebay and Argos. Probably get an Amex Nectar card too eventually so i can start...
  3. lee.moles.disney

    Disneyland Paris Meal Plans

    Hi all What are your opinions of the Meal Plans at Disneyland Paris? I'll be honest, i didn't even knew they them. When i went with my Husband about 18 months ago, we found ourselves in Plaza Gardens constantly because we didn't know what choices were about and even then, 70 euro each is hefty...
  4. lee.moles.disney

    Tips and Tricks of the Deluxe DDP

    Hi everyone, looking for some tips and advice really. We were booked for AKL next year on the free standard DDP. My husband decided to surprise me this week by upgrading it to the Deluxe plan as he managed to get it cheaper than the upgrade price Disney quoted via our travel agent. Im fine...
  5. lee.moles.disney

    Tripods allowed

    Sorry if this has been mentioned. We recently bought a Sony A7 MK2 which is my husbands new hobby. We want to bring it to WDW on our trip next year but wondered if Tripods are allowed? We totally understand etiquette and don’t want to be ‘that family’ who blocks etc but where there’s the two...
  6. lee.moles.disney

    September 2020 Vacation Booked !!!!

    We are so excited !!!! We were going to wait and go back to WDW in 2021 for the 50th but we have now decided and booked 2020 instead. Two reasons for this. 1. For U.K. guests, we were surprised to see Free Dining being offered for next year. For us, it’s something we really wanted to do and...
  7. lee.moles.disney

    Spontaneous trip to DLP.

    I haven't been to DLP since 2013 and my husband hasn't been since 2009. We've been to WDW twice but living in Kent, it's a no brainier for us to make trips to Disneyland Paris. We are 15 mins from the Eurotunnel. So we've booked our first trip to DLP of Monday 11th March and staying one...
  8. lee.moles.disney

    Anyone already thinking about the 50th

    I know, I know I'm mad for thinking this far ahead. We are in the U.K and we're lucky enough to visit WDW twice last year as a couple. Because of money we can't afford to visit WDW again until 2021 for the 50th. In that time, we should have a 3rd family member of our family as we are looking...
  9. lee.moles.disney

    Making the most of DLP from the UK

    Afternoon folks. I'm essentially looking for some advice and tips. Massive fan of WDW and been many times but only been to Paris twice in the last 12 years. However, husband and I are thinking of seeing about going far more regularly. We are based in Kent to 15 mins from Folkestone Eurotunnel...
  10. lee.moles.disney

    Buy Disney Flix on Disc or wait for streaming service

    I’ve wondered what everyone else is doing? Massive fan on collecting all the Disney movies on Blu-Ray and probably have over 100 in my collection so far. Being from the UK I didn’t know about Disney movie club in the US where I can go get tons of the classic live action movie so like Cool...
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