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  1. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    As mentioned earlier, the third Figment comic was going to go in a SEA connection direction with Dreamfinder and Figment's mission to unravel the secrets of Spaceship Earth before Marvel pulled the plug on the whole Disney Kingdoms line. And honestly, with Journey into Imagination and the SEA...
  2. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    I don't believe this was the intent because it assumes that guests would go to an Imagination Institute to get generic hearing and vision tests. He's not interfering to annoy people, he's trying to save us from dying from boredom.
  3. FigmentJedi


    The mountain and dome building on the DCA half sure reminds me of something that was intended to be set in California and plays a role in that extended theme park lore that's getting turned into a Disney Plus show...
  4. FigmentJedi

    Updates to the Seas Pavilion

    How did no one bring the Center for Puppetry Arts and its "Country's Largest Collection of Muppets" into this discussion of Atlanta attractions?
  5. FigmentJedi

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    Connie was a product of the Haunted Mansion Bride Lore hitting its peak of popularity and an attempt to revive the base "Disappearing/reappearing head" concept of the Hatbox Ghost in a new context. Then they decided to characterize her as "Matrimony-themed Joel Schumacher Batman Villain" and the...
  6. FigmentJedi

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    Tell that to Clyde and Claude.
  7. FigmentJedi

    Magic Kingdom TV Universe in Development at Disney+

    Mystic Manor should probably be safe since it's the main thing responsible for the international expansion of SEA. Phantom Manor on the other hand could prove complicated given its Big Thunder Mountain connection and the question of whether Ravenswood or Bullion get priority within that...
  8. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Jim Zub posted this in response to the SEA show news
  9. FigmentJedi

    Joe Rohde announces retirement from WDI

    He's escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by movie tie-in synergy!
  10. FigmentJedi

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    This excerpt of the unused Figment 3 pitch sounds like a better set-up for a Spaceship Earth update then the "Storylight" stuff they announced.
  11. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Jim Zub tweeted this excerpt from his outline for the canned third Figment comic, which was focused on Spaceship Earth.
  12. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    The real irony of the "Eric Idle forgot Figment" drama on Twitter right now is that him getting cast as Nigel Channing was a last minute change because Raul Julia had to drop out of production of Honey I Shrunk the Audience because of his declining health.
  13. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

    You'd think with the Hensons openly expressing that they want to continue it somewhere else that they'd pounce on a "Dark Crystal: Garthim Wars".
  14. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

    Great Gatsby going into the public domain at the start of the month immediately caused the Muppets to trend huge on Twitter because people wanted Muppet Great Gatsby, not to mention people wanting more Muppet adaptations of things in general. Obviously it'd be nice if they could do original...
  15. FigmentJedi

    News Evermore Orlando Resort - new billion-dollar, 10,000-room resort project is coming right next to Walt Disney World

    It's basically a larger High Fantasy flavored take on the Adventurers Club and Knotts's Ghost Town Alive. Created by the same guy responsible for the Void VR thing that used to have a Downtown Disney location.
  16. FigmentJedi

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Combined reprint of Marvel's Figment 1 and 2 is coming in February.
  17. FigmentJedi

    Space Mountain: The Movie

    Space Mountain had a graphic novel a few years ago taking the form of a broader Tomorrowland tribute where Space Mountain was a time travel research station harnessing the power of a black hole to send Moonliner rockets through time and dropping off Circlevision-y camera probes into the past to...
  18. FigmentJedi

    News Disney confirms multiple EPCOT projects are paused

    Black Panther also made his original debut in Fantastic Four and did some occasional temp work for the team.
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