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  1. raymusiccity

    News Beatrix coming to Disney Springs

    It looks like Disney Springs could use some more 'themed' eateries, with the usual back story. It's a shame that they bulldozed the giant pineapple. The Springs must have had a railway nearby. A restaurant themed to trains would be fun for families.
  2. raymusiccity

    News Magic Kingdom July 2020 reopening reports

    Little by little, logic and reason will prevail. Just like the CDC acknowledging that outdoors transmission chances of Covid is actually 1%, not 10% Maybe the mask mandate can be lifted before the heat of summer sets in.
  3. raymusiccity

    DVC site outage?

    No Problemo !
  4. raymusiccity

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    It's becoming a challenge separating the 'trollers' from the 'trollee's' !! 😄
  5. raymusiccity

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Of course the model is real ! Government report coming out in June will confirm lots of these exist !
  6. raymusiccity

    News Disney to relax mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    They've already begun a pilot program at Animal Kingdom.......it's not going well !
  7. raymusiccity

    News Beatrix coming to Disney Springs

    Seems like an underwhelming addition to Disney Springs ! :confused:
  8. raymusiccity

    News People mover now reopened!

    Everyone gets a Souvenir Mylar Blanket !
  9. raymusiccity

    News Beatrix coming to Disney Springs

    Easy fix. Just bring back a super sized Macdonald's. 😁
  10. raymusiccity

    Disney Wish

    Even if they're electric, it's an incredible waste of space. (and ugly, too!)
  11. raymusiccity

    News Festival of the Lion King returning to Disney's Animal Kingdom summer 2021

    Probably a good reason to let anyone who's not averse to risk see the show. If you're vaccinated, go ahead and sit in the 'shoulder to shoulder' section. If you're apprehensive, go sit in the plexiglass section.
  12. raymusiccity

    WDW park hours extended in March; possibly beyond?

    Agreed, but, I was referring to where they drop you off in the EPCOT parking lot, not TTC.
  13. raymusiccity

    WDW park hours extended in March; possibly beyond?

    Sort of. Buses are faster if you're not stuck waiting 30 minutes for the bus to arrive......plus, the bus drops you off in the parking lot, versus the Monorail station located right in front of the gates.
  14. raymusiccity

    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    We were planning on renting a car for our trip in June. It looks like we'll be canceling our flight and just drive down from Nashville. $800 for a ten day rental is a bit much!
  15. raymusiccity

    News Disney World Cast Members being recalled to work as Disney prepares to boost capacity for the summer

    I still don't understand what impact FastPass has on ride capacity. One or two loading platforms exist no matter what the sign says over each line. Capacity seems limited by how long people are willing to wait.
  16. raymusiccity

    Creations Shop opening this summer

    Agree 100%. They could name this new concept of a department store, 'BLAH', or maybe 'MEH'. 😪 You can find more magic and creativity in any Disney Outlet!
  17. raymusiccity

    WDW park hours extended in March; possibly beyond?

    It's a shame that guests won't be able to experience Pandora during nighttime hours, or barely full darkness at Hollywood Studios. So much has been invested in new lighting packages, but, maybe by the Holidays ?
  18. raymusiccity

    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    I'd like to see some of these in Club Cool !
  19. raymusiccity

    News Disney MagicMobile Service coming soon beginning with Apple devices

    Nice to see that they'll be rolling this out to us lowly Android users later this month! 🤗
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