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  1. britdaw

    Most Memorable Character Interaction For You?

    I want to hear stories from your funniest or favorite character interaction in the parks! Which one is the most memorable moment for you and your family? The first time we took our kids back in 2012, it was alllll about the princesses for our girls. They were super sweet and excited to meet the...
  2. britdaw

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    I was watching "Home on The Range" today with my son, and my daughter and I started lamenting the Disney movies that don't get any/enough love in the parks. I've always thought "Home on The Range" would have been a perfect addition to Frontierland, and I would LOVE to see some "Meet The...
  3. britdaw

    Pre-Trip I Just Can't Wait.....

    ...not to be king, but to get back "home"!! I just booked our 2021 trip, to celebrate my daughter graduating high school and the 50th anniversary of WDW, and I couldn't be more excited!! We will be staying at the Carribean Beach resort for 8 days (our first time in a moderate resort), and my son...
  4. britdaw

    Dress Code for Le Cellier?

    I'm planning our family's upcoming trip to WDW and I've always wanted to go to Le Cellier. I'm a single mom taking my kids by myself, so if I go I'd have to bring them with me. What is the dress code for Le Cellier? Do they need dressy clothes?
  5. britdaw

    Forgive me, but...

    I have a question. I am confused about tickets. If we choose to get base tickets, are we allowed to leave the park and then return to the same park later than evening?? I know how park hopping works, but we are not planning to do any park hopping this time for my son's sake (he's autistic and...
  6. britdaw

    How much do you usually...

    ...leave for Mousekeeping? Also, do you leave a tip daily or at the end of the week when you check out? I've never stayed on property before, and it's been more than 10 years since my husband did, so I want to be prepared to tip well. :)
  7. britdaw

    How hard is it...

    ...to get walk-in seating at Hollywood & Vine's Play n' Dine character meals?? My husband just informed me today that he *really* wants to take our son to meet Jake, Sophia, and Doc. I know he'd love it, but I can't get any reservations for times that work with the rest of our schedule (which I...
  8. britdaw

    That Awkward Moment When...

    ...you stay up til midnight so you can get your first pick ADRs. LOL I'm refreshing like a mad woman over here!
  9. britdaw

    Countdown Ticker?

    Hello! When I try to add a countdown ticker in my signature, the icon is not there. However, when I use the editor in a post, the icon is there to add it. Is this something I have to add in every single post?
  10. britdaw

    Pre-Trip I Can Feel The Magic Already!!

    It's official; we are headed back to WDW in April of 2016! I booked our hotel reservation this morning. We booked a "Cars" family suite at AoA, both for the space and because of our son's love for all things "Cars". We will be there for 9 days and nights!! I could not be more excited! Well... at...
  11. britdaw

    Flamingo Springs

    I was looking at the map in my 2016 Unofficial Guide to WDW and saw a place called "Flamingo Springs". What is this? Is it going to be a new Disney hotel?
  12. britdaw

    Only a Month Til...

    ...I get to start booking my ADRs!!!! OMG! When I realized that the other day, I nearly jumped for joy! Last time we had waaaaaay too many ADRs so this time I'm not going to do as many, so we have more time in the actual parks. So far we are looking to do Be Our Guest for dinner, The Crystal...
  13. britdaw

    DVDs of WDW Stage Shows?

    Does anyone know if they sell copies of the stage shows in the parks? My son is OBSESSED with "Dream Along With Mickey" since we showed it to him on YouTube. I'd love to have a copy we can take with us on trips and things... The only place I've seen one was some bootleg website and I don't like...
  14. britdaw

    Renting DVC Villas?

    A friend told me she rented a DVC villa instead of booking a room in a resort the traditional way. I didn't even know you could do that! Has anyone done this, and if so, could you recommend a company to check out?
  15. britdaw

    Disney's Older Live Action Movies

    As a kid, I used to get so excited when my dad would go to the local video store and bring home a surprise movie for us to watch. He introduced us to a lot of the live action movies from the 60's and 70's, and to this day I still have a soft spot for movies like "Swiss Family Robinson", "The...
  16. britdaw

    Your Dream Park Expansion

    Let's pretend that YOU got chosen to come up with the concept for an expansion in your favorite WDW park! What would you put in? Annnnd GO! Me? Instead of the Avatar world being added to Animal Kingdom, I'd theme it after Disney's own animal-themed movies, such as "The Jungle Book" and...
  17. britdaw

    Cards or Bands?

    Last time we visited WDW in 2012, our "tickets" to get into the parks were those credit card looking things. We bought them at Shades of Green to save money. This time, we want to purchase at SoG again, but I was wondering if the cards have been completely replaced by the bands?
  18. britdaw

    WDW Site Down?

    Is the Disney World site having issues? I went there tonight to try to price a vacation for my sister and it won't let me see prices.
  19. britdaw

    Do you take your kids out of school?

    I'm beginning to plan our next trip to WDW, and I'm sitting here looking at when the crowds are the worst... We normally plan the trips around when the kids are out of school but I don't want to go on Spring Break, and I don't want to sweat to death in the summer. I am thinking about maybe...
  20. britdaw

    To Go or Not To Go?

    My husband and I have decided to take a trip to Orlando for our girls' Spring Break. We were thinking about just doing Disney World, or splitting the week up and doing a couple days at WDW and then a couple days at Universal. My oldest LOVES Harry Potter and we wanted to take her to The...
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