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  1. WDWBigEd

    Universal Orlando's 2021 Military Freedom Pass

    Just wanted to share what Universal is offering US Military for 2021. Universal Orlando offers specially priced tickets to Leisure Travel offices at military bases around the country for re-sale to active duty, retired military and Department of Defense personnel. 2-Park “2021 Military Freedom...
  2. WDWBigEd

    DisneyGiftCard.com will be upgraded 01/20/2021

    Per DisneyGiftCard.com: DisneyGiftCard.com will be upgraded on January 20, 2021. All existing DisneyGiftCard.com account details (logins and gift cards added) will no longer be available after January 19, 2021. As a reminder, your account is not a mobile wallet and should not be considered as...
  3. WDWBigEd

    Old Posters and Ads

    I wasn’t sure which forum to place this in so if it need to be moved then go ahead. So cleaning around at work today and found lots of cool old ads and posters. We keep everything here lol.
  4. WDWBigEd

    Shades of Green Adds New Suite

    Shades of Green (Military Resort) has added a new Magnolia Suite. Video tour of the room is linked below. The Suite rate is $469.00 per night. "Our NEW Magnolia suite is just steps away from our two swimming pools, playground, Magnolia Spa and Evergreens Sports Bar. The generous (1,800 sq ft)...
  5. WDWBigEd

    Ideas needed for Disney Themed Vanity Plates.

    Good Afternoon everyone. I'm looking to get a Disney themed Vanity plate for my car. I need help with ideas the plate is allowed 5 letters / numbers. Thanks for any and all ideas! So Far I have come up with: EPCOT DISNY WALTD OHANA PLUTO DUMBO
  6. WDWBigEd

    Mickey Not So Scary 2019 Party Pass!

    New this year Mickey's Not So Scary will be offering a Party Pass! The Magic Kingdom will host Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in August, September, October & November 2019. The party pass includes admission to all events excluding Thursday, October 31, 2019. Adults 10 - $299.00 + tax...
  7. WDWBigEd

    2019 Military Ticket Promotion

    The 2019 Military tickets were released by Disney yesterday. You can purchase these on base or Shades of Green with an Active Duty or Career Retired (20+ years) At this moment Shades of Green has them for sale and the other bases should have stock in the next few weeks. Promotional Period...
  8. WDWBigEd

    What Program is used for Disney Resort TV

    Good Afternoon, I did a search with no luck and wanted to see if anyone knows what program is used for the Disney Resort TV channel that show the weather and hours?
  9. WDWBigEd

    Universal Military Offer for 2018

    Universal announced their 2018 Military offer today. The offer will stay the same as 2017 and just like this year the tickets can only be purchased on a Military base such as Shades of Green. The following qualify to purchase the Universal Orlando Military Promotional Ticket: Active or Retired...
  10. WDWBigEd

    Shades of Green FastPass+ Update

    As of today Shades of Green guest can link their reservation numbers to MDE and get 180+ 10 Dining and 60 Day FastPass+ 60 just like Disney owned resorts. Shades of Green will participate in these two programs which is exclusive to WDW Resort Guests and with the exception of only one other...
  11. WDWBigEd

    2018 Military Ticket Promotion

    The 2018 Military tickets are out. You can purchase these on base or Shades of Green with an Active Duty or Career Retired (20+ years) Promotional Period January 1, 2018 through December 19, 2018 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper - $226.00 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Plus...
  12. WDWBigEd

    Jungle Cruise limited edition pins release May 11

    I did a search before and I could not find this information so here it is. On Thursday, May 11, new limited edition pins will be released in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Jungle Cruise. The four pins will be available to Guests at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar in Adventureland...
  13. WDWBigEd

    Muppets Meet the Phantom of the Opera Book

    So I wasn't sure where to post this and I hope I found the correct area. Looks like part of the new Disney books coming out will be a Muppets take on Phantom of the Opera which will be published on Oct. 17. I'm happy for this as I am a Muppets fan, but I'd love to see a movie...
  14. WDWBigEd

    QSR Mobile Ordering Coming Soon

    I want to say what felt like a year ago Disney did testing at DHS Fantasmic! where you could order you snacks on an app. It was a test run and I'm sure on of you will remind me how it all worked. I recall liking it because the wait wasn't as long. So it looks like they are going to be bringing...
  15. WDWBigEd

    Hello from behind the screen.

    Hello! My name is Eddie. Longtime reader first time poster. I've been reading the site for a long time now mostly the forums and always thinking about making an account on here so here I am. My user name comes from my long time twitter name and Xbox GT and nothing to do with this wonderful...
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