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  1. dxwwf3

    All Star Sports Questions

    I'll be staying there for the first time in many years this week and I was wondering a couple of things about the resort: Do they have body wash here? I know they used to not have it and at one time they had it in a dispenser in the actual shower, but I don't know how it is set up now. I'm...
  2. dxwwf3

    Questions about the Best Western Park Place

    This will be my 2nd Disneyland trip ever and I was wondering if anyone here had any opinions about the Best Western Park Place across the street from the Esplanade? The location is obviously wonderful and I was able to get a AAA discount for $108 a night and it looks decent enough. Can anyone...
  3. dxwwf3

    Resort Wi-Fi Issues With iPhone?

    I am at the AKL right now and the in-room wi-fi has been fairly decent speed wise most of the time on my iPhone and laptop. It's actually been faster than I was expecting based on things I've heard before. The problem I am getting is on my iPhone, I have to constantly turn off and on the wi-fi...
  4. dxwwf3

    Your News Feed Options?

    I'm usually someone that is slow to adapt to changes, but I am really liking a lot of the additions found on the boards now. One of them is the Your News Feed option, which is something that might have been available before, but I didn't know about it. One question I have is if it is possible...
  5. dxwwf3

    A Couple Of Questions About The Boardwalk Inn

    After visiting around all the resorts, I've always wanted to stay at the Boardwalk and we're looking at staying at the Boardwalk Inn for our upcoming trip this summer, but I was wondering if I could get some info about room requests. I've looked around and all I can find is room requests in...
  6. dxwwf3

    dxwwf3's Summer 2010 Trip Report

    I came back a few days ago from a great 9 day trip. I'm going to post some thoughts about the trip from park to park. MK: Saw the new Hall of Presidents for the first time. I was a huge fan of the previous version of the show and found it to be one of the most quoteable attractions in...
  7. dxwwf3

    Chefs de France Questions

    I've got ADR's for here on my upcoming trip and this is my first time there. I'm going at lunch and have been looking at a few of the menu items. I'm an extremely picky eater, but I look like there might be a few options here for me. Can anyone give me some info about the macaroni and cheese...
  8. dxwwf3

    dxwwf3's 6/22 - 7/1 Trip Report

    Got back yesterday from a wonderful trip and since we went to Disneyland last summer instead of WDW, there were quite a few new things to experience on this trip and I'll focus more on things like that as opposed to giving day by day reports. The thing I was most looking forward to on this trip...
  9. dxwwf3

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Questions

    We just got a nice AP rate at the AKL for most of our stay during June 22 - July 2 and I have a few questions about the resort that I know someone will be able to help with. First, where should I request our room to be? We have a standard room/standard view and I was told on the phone that...
  10. dxwwf3

    John Ratzenberger in Orlando - TSM Related?

    I'm watching the Magic game tonight (As always) and they show John Ratzenberger in the stands and I got to wondering if by some chance he would be in the area getting a sneak peak at Toy Story Mania or possibly doing work for the attraction? I know I might be reaching here, but I did think it...
  11. dxwwf3

    WD T-Shirt Size Question

    Can anyone tell me why the t-shirts at the parks only go up to size XXL? That wouldn't be much of a problem if the shirts were sized properly, but I've always found that if you normally wear a Large in shirts, you better get a XL at WDW. For some reason, I've always found this to be so. And...
  12. dxwwf3

    Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann AA's to be added to PotC Next Year

    http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2006-06-25-pirates-premiere_x.htm?csp=34 At the end of the article: "More fun on the way: Disney chairman D!ck Cook revealed that a film titled Jungle Cruise, after another popular Disneyland attraction, is in development. And animatronic figures of...
  13. dxwwf3

    Problems With E-Mail Notification

    I am getting my emails MUCH slower now than usual. It has been a problem all day really. It is not a huge deal at all, I just thought I would see if anyone else is having similar problems.
  14. dxwwf3

    Walt Disney Classics Collection presents Dreamfinder with Figment

    So I'm listening to the new MouseTunes podcast and Lou mentions this little nugget that I haven't heard about on here (And yes I did do a search and I couldn't find anything, so if this has been mentioned before I am sorry): http://psc.disney.go.com/eventservices/disneygallery/wdwfigment.html...
  15. dxwwf3

    dxwwf3 Trip Report

    Man, I hate coming back and trying to crap 8 days worth of WDWMagic Message Boards and all other Internet sites into an hour or so. A lot of great news while I was gone. Can't wait to hear more about Midway Madness at MGM. Ok I'm just going to jot down some stuff here instead of going day...
  16. dxwwf3

    Make your own WDW Park Map descriptions

    In honor of the hilarious new descriptions used on the smaller park maps, it is now time for a spoof. MK Splash Mountain - See how many effects aren't working today Pirates of the Caribbean - Where Johnny Depp lives! Jungle Cruise - Make fun of old audio animatronics Country Bear Jamboree - We...
  17. dxwwf3

    New Rock N Roller Coaster FastPass Queue?

    According to Mark Goldhaber's new WDW Park Update on MousePlanet today, he says: "A new Fastpass queue has been designed for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and it appears to be working extremely well in getting rid of the traffic jams at peak times."...
  18. dxwwf3

    South Park Parodies Family Guy

    This is hillarious! Tune in on Comedy Central. They are giving Family Guy a taste of their own medicine and it's some good stuff.
  19. dxwwf3

    MiceCast.com Podcast

    Hey guys. I thought I would post a link here to a new Disney podcast that has recently come out and I think you all should check it out. www.micecast.com is the new site and here you can find all of their shows. They even devoted an entire show to answer one of my emails :). Please be aware...
  20. dxwwf3

    What a game!

    Holy crap, easily one of the best championship games I've ever seen. Both teams deserved to win, but Vince Young was the best player on the field tonight and got the victory with his legs. Congrats to Texas fans and all USC fans will have to remember, they have 1.5 championships in the past to...
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