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  1. Sketch105

    My Homemade Horror Nights ICONS Project (check it out!)

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this giant project I produced recently. This was strictly a work of passion, not for sale, but I hope to have it displayed around Orlando for familiar locals to check it out. Besides the curtains, it is 100% recycled cardboard (Thanks Ikea!) with each...
  2. Sketch105

    Looking for....Mermaid Concept art from POTC

    Hey guys! I've been googling everywhere looking for it- There was a picture of Imagineering testing a mermaid animatronic for POTC that they ended up abandoning, and I know I saw it online, but now I can't find it. Anyone have it? Google searches have been fruitless.
  3. Sketch105

    Attraction Posters with Horror/Sci Fi icons

    One of my favorite projects this year was combining horror/sci-fi icons on attraction posters! Hope you guys like! You can find these and more here: www.facebook.com/bindmanart www.etsy.com/shop/bindmanart
  4. Sketch105

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Painting

    Just finished this piece last week using a lot of referential material. I call it "Fantasyland 85", but really, it's all about the 20,000 Leagues. Don't let the picture fool you- she's 3.5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide.
  5. Sketch105

    Frozen Summer Fun cast Fan Art !

    Here's some fun cartoon art I created for the cast of Frozen Summer Fun! If you like it, please check out my facebook page BindmanArt or find me on instagram!
  6. Sketch105

    Would anyone like an update or see some fixes to Fantasmic?

    After years of avoiding it due to my patience for waiting an hour for a show, I decided to take in a showing of Fantasmic. The show is still fantastic, especially when viewed from a great seat- the canoes from Pocahontas quietly coming around the riverbend, the floating barges full of...
  7. Sketch105

    Trip Report "My Very Merry" (or How my Olaf costume broke the entire Christmas parade)

    Over the years I have visited Magic Kingdom for 24 hour parties, Not-So-Scary, and other events but I've never gone to Very Merry, and I'm happy to say I was absolutely delighted! Mostly because I got some more wear out of my costume! I was "Take A long Olaf"..the fan that was given out at...
  8. Sketch105

    MVMCP: The Olaf Fan says thank you to parade, Jingle Cruise, etc.

    I had the pleasure of visiting my first Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on Friday, and it was truly a magical experience! First off, I want to thank the red haired cast member at the front of Mermaid who we passed by around 6:40 who gave us fastpasses for Seven Dwarfs because she loved our...
  9. Sketch105

    "The saxophone player in the Mickey silhouette" commercial

    I'm looking for an image/promo commercial that used to air in the mid to late 90s (mostly at Disney Resort channels) where the voice over guy would say "The heart of a city..in the corner of our world" and there was a nice overhead shot of this saxophone player playing on a dark street corner...
  10. Sketch105

    Building trends: Immersive lands vs. single attractions

    Is anyone scared of this new building trend? We're seeing so many parks focus more on placemaking of ONE property over a large area rather than single attractions. And it's very exciting to see the theme park industry get a shot in the arm from building huge, immersive environments..however I...
  11. Sketch105

    Adding non-ticket holding Family/Friends to FastPass+

    So I have an AP and I setup my Fastpasses for the 24 hr party. I sent a link to my friend who is joining me so I can add her/share my experiences, but she hasn't bought her ticket yet, so I can't copy my selections and share them with her yet. Will their be any way to still share my FP+...
  12. Sketch105

    What time do they stop charging for parking?

    Seasonal pass holder here. I intend on upgrading to the premium, but I was wondering if anyone here knew what time they stop charging for parking at the parks? I'm guessing an hour or two before close right?
  13. Sketch105

    To all our Fairy Friends!

    I have been a fan of the Tinkerbell series (I blame my best friend) for quite sometime- Beautiful animation, clever uses of animals and gadgets, and some nice voicework. And while I'm quite outside the demographic, I have always enjoyed stopping into Pixie Hollow to chat with Tink's fairy...
  14. Sketch105

    Some of my Disney-themed artwork

    Here's some Disney-related pieces I've done. You can find all my work at www.facebook.com/bindmanart www.etsy.com/artbybindman tumblr: Bindmanart instagram: Bindmanart
  15. Sketch105

    Courtney at Jungle Cruise during Monstrous All Nighter!

    We had the most amazing skipper on the Jungle Cruise around 10pm during the Monstrous All Nighter. I don' t know if it was the fact that she just loved doing night cruises or she had been there since 6 am and was loopy, but our group loved every minute of her tour and are STILL talking about...
  16. Sketch105

    Merida at MK

    I met Merida at MK a couple months ago..She was an absolute delight and we had a great time chatting in character. I mentioned where I was from and what I did and she laughed heartily. I wish I knew who she was friends with because she was great!
  17. Sketch105

    Searching for this souvenir map of WDW! (see picture)

    Hey Guys! This is a photo of me from the early 90s. In the background is a map I had- It was a stylized version of the resort with the characters sprinkled throughout it. I am searching for this map.
  18. Sketch105

    LTM- "Long Lost Friends Week"- What do YOU think we should expect?

    So, I have to ask..what is everyone thinking about the "Long Lost Friends" week at WDW during the Limited Time Magic program? Who are YOU hoping to see/meet? I really hope to meet any of the Hercules characters, or people from Atlantis/Treasure Planet...Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the...
  19. Sketch105

    Looking for early "Dragon Cave" Pictures from Animal Kingdom!

    Hey Wdwmagic members! I remember a long time back Miceage or Mouseplanet posted photos of the Dragon Cave at Animal Kingdom- ONLY DIFFERENCE WAS, that in these pictures, THE SUITS OF MELTED ARMOR and JOUSTING EQUIPMENT WERE STREWN ABOUT THE ROCKS. These items were removed after park previews...
  20. Sketch105

    A webcomic for Orlando theme park nerds!

    Hey WDWMAGIC fans! Just like you, we're over the whole Avatar Land BS. We think Penguin meet-n-greets are pretty cool. And we work behind the counter of a popcorn vendor cart, so we know.. Check out my weekly webcomic about the lives (and love lives) of people who work in a Theme Park city...
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