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  1. surfsupdon

    Blockouts, Main Gate, Resort Guest, Planning

    So I am going to Disney for a quick few days (Feb 26-March 2) and staying at Pop with my AP. My best friend, who has his main gate pass, is on my reservation and we are properly linked. So he is now a Disney Resort Guest. I booked my park reservations. His pass is apparently blocked after Feb...
  2. surfsupdon

    Phased Reopening Dining: The Best?

    Under the phased reopening of Disney Springs and DVC Resorts, if you were there, where would you eat to get the quintessential (or best) Disney dining experience?? Is the location, menu, or experience most important for you??
  3. surfsupdon

    Coronado to Water Parks

    With direct buses to the water parks in place for awhile now, do all Coronado bus stops get the water park bus, or would service only be at the main Tower stop? Caribbean only had water park buses from OPR last April, so how does water park bussing work at the multi-stop Coronado? Thanks!! Big...
  4. surfsupdon

    Universal Singles Line

    Do the Single Rider Lines quickly move at Universal? Is it an acceptable replacement for purchasing Express Pass? Potentially going for 1 day, Park Hopping. June 20th...yes...I know new Harry Potter ride opens just prior. Crowds I bet. What’s your experience? What’s your prediction?
  5. surfsupdon

    Your first Disney running event was?

    Whether it was runDisney or the Disney Endurance Series, what was your first race run at the Disney Parks? Do you remember the year? My first race was the 2007 Inaugural Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K. It marked the Tower’s iconic 13th birthday and I’ve been hooked ever since.
  6. surfsupdon

    Corral and Changing

    Anybody have any experience with this: I’m not signed up for Princess but cheap flights and rooms have it a serious consideration. But I missed the deadline for proof of time so I will be placed in last corral. Think I can go to Runner Relations at Expo with print outs of my POT, and then can...
  7. surfsupdon


    Does Narcoossee’s have a bar you can sit at an order from the dinner menu? No reservations required? Thank you.
  8. surfsupdon

    runDisney Punctuation

    runDisney has always been runDisney after it was rebranded from the Disney EnduranceSeries. Over on the Shop Disney Parks app, the new runDisney stuff is now ‘runDisney. Not sure why the apostrophe is being used. But it looks positively Goofy.
  9. surfsupdon

    The Middle

    Anybody else watch The Middle? Final season, final episode this week and we are really going to miss it. Loved seeing The Middle ads on the Disney buses. Patricia Heaton was live tweeting the Royal Wedding this morning. If you’re a Middle fan, that should put a smile on your face. Any other fans??
  10. surfsupdon

    Yacht Club ' quicker service' in the works

    I hadn't seen this reported, but in addition to their renovated rooms and common areas, and upcoming Captain's Grill refurb...their store Fittings & Fairings Clothes and Notions is only half open, with the other half getting remodeled into a quick service location ala Beach Club Marketplace...
  11. surfsupdon

    runDisney and Photopass

    Hi friends - If I am a WDW AP holder will I still get free downloads of PhotoPass from my race coming up in California's Disneyland? Thanks!
  12. surfsupdon

    Blizzard Beach technical issues (March 2016)

    Last minute Blizzard closure today. Typhoon should be opening at noon to compensate. Here at Caribbean Beach now, after tons of morning misinformation from Cast as we traveled to Blizzard.
  13. surfsupdon

    Be Careful -- Pin Numbers

    Just a word of warning folks. From experience. At some venues, Cast Members are told to "over ride" Guests inputting their pin if a MB is used. Particularly at very busy times, to help speed up lines. I asked to speak with a manager, and he confirmed that, yes, they can use the MB and not...
  14. surfsupdon

    New Mug Design

    I don't know how to upload pictures, but my vacationing friends sent me pics of new Rapid Fill mugs at Caribbean Beach. They looked blue in color, and featured the characters. Mickey and Minnie were drinking, and it looked like Donald Duck was behnd bars. I didn't get it. Looked stupid. As...
  15. surfsupdon

    Jiko: Bar or no?

    Does Jiko have a bar/ lounge attached to it where you can order food without needing a reservation? Kind of like Crews Cup at Yacht Club or the bar setup at Cali Grill. Thanks.
  16. surfsupdon

    Disney Resort Fitness Centers, or lack of

    Deluxe Resorts have access to cardio machines and free weights at all properties. Coronado Springs is a Moderate that has access. With a growing trend towards "fitness" and overall well-being, all Disney Resorts should have a fitness center for Guests to use. Disney is leading the industry in...
  17. surfsupdon

    2 Parks, 1 Day SUCCESS

    Well I did it. First time to Universal since '99. It was fun! Took a cab from Yacht Club, 40 bucks. Got there later because I had the 5K and Marathon Expo that morning. Got into Universal Studios at 11:15, paid 127 bucks--WOW. Literally no lines, only Rip Ride Rockit had lines. So I am...
  18. surfsupdon

    Next Gen Donald, Goof, and Mickey at Marathon?!

    I didn't see anyone report from Marathon Weekend: At the start of the Half, Donald, Mickey, and Goofy were all there talking, blinking, and moving their lips. It was incredible. I was up front of Corral A and didn't have any pictures, but it was so neat to hear Goofy and Donald, along with...
  19. surfsupdon

    Haven't been since 94--need a plan, please help!

    I'm going to both parks for a day on Jan 6th, a Friday, over marathon w/e at WDW. I haven't been to Universal since 94, and was at IoA in 99. So I am really excited!! Studios close at 6pm and Islands at 7pm. I will get there by 9am. -Do you think the parks will be very crowded that...
  20. surfsupdon

    Host Resorts & Resort Transportation

    Tower of Terrors, Wine & Dines, and Everest Challenges all have Host Resorts thast provide transportation. Looking at January Marathon W/E but do not see any mention of host resorts. Do ALL Disney Resorts provide transportation very early in the morning to the race start?? Or only some...
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