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  1. awoogala

    News APP/website/phones all down this morning

    Got up, coffee in hand, bright and early this morning to book dining. App is down "technical difficulties". Ok website won't work.Ok. Called- waited on hold on the phone for 30 minutes. Finally got through to them on the phone- poor woman was trying to calmly tell me "everything is down, We...
  2. awoogala

    Plant-based food guide released

    http://vegandisneyfood.com/disney-releases-official-plant-based-cuisine-guide-map-for-vegans-and-vegetarians/?fbclid=IwAR0fO074a5iEDjPfSakijENhPFFNFGU_xR5fyIcgmNfqNno_4xsRLdiaGg0 Spotted in MK. Great for vegetarians and vegans as a quick guide !
  3. awoogala

    Sangria at Hoop-do-doo?

    How is the Sangria at Hoop-do-doo review? ;) Going for the first time, and dining with a big Sangria fan. She's wondering if it's weak fruit punch or a "good" sangria. I don't usually drink red wine, beer, or sangria, usually sticking to clear liquors, or I get migraines. I'll probably just have...
  4. awoogala

    First time UNI/Royal Pacific questions..

    We are staying at Royal Pacific. Will be at Wizarding World, bright and early at 8 am, to take advantage of early entry.Our questions pertain to breakfast options: 1. Are there refrigerators in the room? Looking at list of amenities, I don't see it! 2. I see breakfest buffet and Islands dining...
  5. awoogala

    How much time to budget?

    We have tickets to Seaworld. First time for my family (I went a few times about 20 years ago!) They do not want to see any shows. They want to see all the animal displays, and ride the rides. I am guessing this will not take all day, since we won't have to squeeze in the shows. How long...
  6. awoogala

    Boma- Breakfast or Dinner?

    Going to AK on the last day of our trip. Trying to decide if we should sleep in, hit ak, then do Boma for dinner, or get up early and hit Boma for breakfast before opening. It's one of the restaurants we've never done. Husband and I love spicy food. The 11 year old boy loves meat and eggs. The 8...
  7. awoogala

    Dolphin and My Disney Experience

    So, we have a reservation at the Dolphin. I thought, since Disney has the option of linking Dolphin on the My Disney Experience, that this would be easy. Dolphin gave me a reservation # and a confirmation #. Neither works. Called Disney IT for fp. They said you can't do that. So I asked...
  8. awoogala

    Tomorrowland movie- Tesla?

    http://theoatmeal.com/blog/disney_tesla He might just get sued over this, but it is an interesting leak!
  9. awoogala

    First timer at Uni! Tips?

    We hit Disney every year, but on our first trip I read loads of tips, and got things right the first time, with reservations, fp, etc. I am wondering if anyone has some awesome tips I need to know for our first trip to Universal? We are a family of 4, staying at Royal Pacific for all the on site...
  10. awoogala

    Dolphin or....

    So, we are hitting Disney in November, before Thanksgiving. We got a good deal on Dolphin through a group rate. I am still hemming and hawing, since it isn't a "disney" hotel. It looks beautiful and we love EPCOT area, and I just can't see spending $300 a night for Boardwalk anymore. My...
  11. awoogala

    Parades interfering with rfid?

    Has anyone seen this yet? Wow. Didn't they run some tests on this? http://www.wdwinfo.com/news/Theme_Parks_Attractions/Disney_s_Hollywood_Studios_parades_closed_due_to_wireless_technology_interference.htm?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=twitterfeed
  12. awoogala

    "Tragic Kingdom" report?

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet: http://www.aicio.com/channel/NEWSMAKERS/Investors_Take_Aim_to_Avert_Disney%E2%80%99s_%E2%80%9CTragic_Kingdom%E2%80%9D.html Tim Goodman, head of North American engagement at Hermes EOS, said: "We want to see Walt Disney endure as the 'Magic...
  13. awoogala

    Avoiding the Marathon?

    We are not involved in the Marathon, and were planning on spending January 13th around the hotel at first, but I am thinking of popping into one or more parks and seeing what we could see, with the understanding that it will not be a full commando day, depending on getting around the...
  14. awoogala

    Will we ever see a fairy ride?

    We are watching the new fairy movie. Loving it, like we've loved the others. In fact, I would say we like these direct to DVD movies better than many of the released to theater things Disney has done lately. I'm wondering if they have ever thought of doing a dark ride for the series, or...
  15. awoogala

    so when is fastpass + coming?

    So I am trying to plan my January trip, and we already have meals done. I keep reading fastpass + is coming, but when? Has the actual date been announced yet? I need to know so I can get my touring plans in order! :D
  16. awoogala

    PBS and Disney?

    Does anyone know if disney has a hand in PBS? I could have sworn the new wild Kratts is a Disney series. Am I just insane?or is there some production company or other way they are connected?
  17. awoogala

    Crunching the numbers...

    I have been researching DVC incessantly. We have been averaging 1 trip a year for the last 4 years, I want more! ( I spent my entire childhood spending at least 2 weeks a year at WDW!) Honestly, I want at least 2 trips a year! The only thing holding me back from DVD is the other idea I have, of...
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