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    Hunting for Some Music

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum, so feel free to move if you have to mods. Anyway, while listening to one of the online Disney fan radio stations the other night I heard a wonderful version of A Dream Is A Wish and it was noted as Wishes post-show music. It is an instrumental...
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    Tripod Policy?

    Has anyone else had any issues with using a tripod there? I had no problems for close to two years until last weekend, when I went to set up for a nice picture opportunity in CityWalk. I had no sooner gotten my tripod out and was ready to put my camera on when I was approached by a security...
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    New bag/tripod suggestions

    Alright, I'm looking for some last minute recommendations on a new camera bag/travel tripod. I've taken notice of some recommendations already (eyeing the Flipside 200 as I write this), but wanted to see if there's anything new that some might have experience with. In terms of the bag, the main...
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    Historic permits/zoning/construction related source material

    I was hoping that some of our more experienced members could help me in a search for source material pertaining to the planning and construction phase of Universal Orlando. I am developing a fairly strong interest in urban planning as it applies to resorts/parks, and while information regarding...
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