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  1. zengoth

    Stage (blocking view) at World Showcase Entrance?

    This seems new (and hopefully temporary). At F&W last month, we saw this big stage with rigging right at the entrance of World Showcase, blocking the great view of what lies on the other side of the water. I have searched for info, but nothing specific comes up.
  2. zengoth

    How to Donate Pins

    I hope this doesn't get mis-interpreted as "pin trading" I just would like to know the best way to "donate" a large collection. Seems sad just to send them to goodwill. What is the best/proper protocol?
  3. zengoth

    Metal detectors fall all?

    At epcot today for first time in a month and it looks like everyone's going thru metal detectors bags or none. Is this park wide now?
  4. zengoth

    Are we getting a Festival of the Masters this year?

    Or ever again? I had my doubts the Disney Springs construction was really the reason for the cancellation a couple of years back. But has it been confirmed that the art show is a lost cause?
  5. zengoth

    nightmare b4 xmas merch gone from studios?

    villains invogue is gone and tower of terror store nolonger carries nbc. is this likely a permanent thing orate thrre plans for a new location sonewhere on property?
  6. zengoth

    deposit required for reservations

    Sorry if this is old news - I googled it and found nothing... I've made reservations by phone for years. This week I was asked to leave a $10/per PERSON deposit for a reservation a week away. I've read that "some" WDW restaurants have required this since Fall 2011, but have not found a list...
  7. zengoth

    Will Soarin' ever go digital?

    Last weekend I visited EPCOT with someone who'd never be on Soarin' and I was fairly embarrassed by the state of the film. Artifacts have been collecting over the years, sure - but now there are big black blotches right in the middle of the presentation. Are there plans for the attraction to go...
  8. zengoth

    No more dark ride through Space Mountain?

    apologies if this has been threaded recently... rode people mover last night (5/15) for the first time in a few months and was disheartened to discover the ride through Space Mountain is now fully lit! I am hoping it is work lights (but it looks pretty permanent). The whole effect of coasting...
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