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  1. Scrooged

    Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive

    Wasn't there a shake up regarding one of the lead data scientists for the State of FLorida and these particular numbers, or am I not reading the thread correctly....?
  2. Scrooged

    Will ANYTHING ever happen to Discovery Island?

    As an early PC point and click enthusiast, I find this to be intriguing.,... Books with lost messages of Walt in video form... Sherman brothers piano powered rocket.... Goofy underground railroad to get back to the mainland.... This could work....
  3. Scrooged

    News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20

    Theres also no way that wearing shoes can be "mandated" but you can be refused entry to a place of business if they require you to wear them. Same goes here. Trust me, that's liability that Disney doesn't want.
  4. Scrooged

    WDW Reopening Estimates

    They are going to do whatever is required to properly operate the park and get some revenue safely and efficiently, and with the least liability on their part. What form that takes is still vague at best. I don't see any of the parks opening until at least August, and even then dining will be...
  5. Scrooged

    Changes for Galaxy's Edge Temporarily On Hold

    The only thing that seems to be "out of forecast" for the park's futures is the problem the corona virus is causing. That'll impact the world economy past the Asian park's problems. Travel bans being a primary issue. But otherwise:
  6. Scrooged

    John Williams wins Grammy Award for "Galaxy's Edge Symphonic Suite"

    Williams made an appearance with the Louisville Symphony ORchestra about two years ago- I found out about it on the night of the performance and was literally trying to scalp a ticket out front. I'd kill to see him conduct once. That having been said, it would be interesting to see if the...
  7. Scrooged

    News Expect closure of Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland to impact Walt Disney World

    Regardless of the impact to the company as whole, I have to wonder what political machinations went into the decision to close the parks. How much was the state involved, how much pressure did it take to get Disney to close, and is this in response to the **** poor actions the Chinese state...
  8. Scrooged

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    The legend lives on.....
  9. Scrooged

    John Williams wins Grammy Award for "Galaxy's Edge Symphonic Suite"

    I have very few celebrity heroes that I look up to. This man is one of them and deserves ALL the accolades.
  10. Scrooged

    JAWS Remake

    It IS a masterclass. Apparently, Robert Shaw attempted to get into the spirit of the scene by drinking heavily before the first day of shooting it. He got so drunk, that he didn't remember doing the scene at all. Apparently, depserate to make it up to Spielberg, he apologized for his conduct and...
  11. Scrooged

    JAWS Remake

    The simple answer is - yes. Hollywood made it work once, why not make it work again. You see- the digital landscape has changed the way both movies and television shows are made. I see it reflected in my kids who would rather watch some inane twenty-somethings fill their pool with orbeez than...
  12. Scrooged

    JAWS Remake

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the midwest during spring storm season--- "JAWSNADO 2: Electric Bugaloo"
  13. Scrooged

    JAWS Remake

    Oddly enough I have a problem with this. I read about this recently- and for the most part I am nonplussed by the greed of Hollywood. But this is kind of like remaking "Citizen Kane" in my eyes. ARguably "Jaws" is one of the best films ever made. While there are many competent directors out...
  14. Scrooged

    A Tale of Booze in Batuu

    I see what you did there. That's what happens when posting early in the morning.
  15. Scrooged

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Ok. Let’s take a breath here. Now- I understand your point- you don’t like what you perceive as false advertising concerning the IP and promise of a Star Wars themed land. But did you have those thoughts regarding Pandora? The only reason I ask is there seems to be a lot less divided opinions...
  16. Scrooged

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    The use of sarcasm and the word “verisimilitude” means that the force is strong with @MisterPenguin . I applaud you sir.
  17. Scrooged

    A Tale of Booze in Batuu

    The blue milk is actually very good in my mind.
  18. Scrooged

    Too much money and not worth it..

    Can confirm. Dollywood is essentially the Disney of East Tennessee. And it's worth it. It's a charming park, the staff is extremely friendly, and if you're there at the right time if they are promoting something you may get to see Dolly herself. Lightning Rod, Mystery Mine (has good themeing)...
  19. Scrooged

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Man - is that part of the benefits package? (asking for a friend.)
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