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    Rumor Guest Boat Rentals Not Returning

    Cutting against the overall trend, Coronado Springs recently started offering fishing equipment and bike rentals again after years of neither. It's one of the rare instances of a resort actually adding something back. (Unfortunately, the Coronado Springs sprite boats are permanently gone.)
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    my reimagining of MK

    Your post belongs over here: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/forums/imagineer.15/
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    New The Living Seas survey

    Eh, it shouldn’t be limited to Soarin’ Over Florida. WDW is targeted towards most of the US, plus international guests. It’s fine that DCA is California-centric, but EPCOT should not be Florida-centric. Soarin’ Over America or Soarin’ Around the World make more sense for WDW.
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    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    I'm sorry, but the themed environment (or what you creatively, dismissively call "facility design") is a HUGE part of why people visit WDW. World Showcase Lagoon is popular largely because of the unique themed environment. If Disney messes up that environment with shortsighted facility design...
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    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    Yes, the Disney experience is so much more than riding rides. It's the exciting pre-trip package shipped to your home, the greeter at the hotel, the Disney music on the busses, the monorail entering the Contemporary, the Magic Band opening your hotel room door, the sight of Seven Seas Lagoon in...
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    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    They were never designed to move (although it is a longtime WDW myth).
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    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I think using subtle projection mapping to highlight various elements and make certain colors pop would be a nice addition. Think Pandora’s floating mountains, not Happily Ever After (both use projection mapping). If you still disagree, that’s fine. I just want to make sure you know what I’m...
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    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I wish they would clean up/restore the Mary Blair mural a bit. And then, to plus it, shine some extra lights on it or add projection mapping to make it really pop.
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    News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

    What do you think Disney should have done to better manage guest expectations around these Disney Look changes?
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    News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

    I agree with some of what you said, but this analogy isn’t really accurate. Disney allowing tattoos and more hair styles does not mean that are allowing a sloppy, “just woke up” style. I agree with you that Cast Members should look well-dressed. I just think that “well-dressed” can include...
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    Creations Shop opening this summer

    Looks great. I'm glad they're emphasizing the windows and capitalizing on natural light. I'm also glad to hear that Club Cool will be returning soon!
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    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    A cardboard box restaurant is a great example of "technically fits the story but is a lousy theme park idea." Imagine all of the incredible, oversized toys guests could have stepped into for a can't-miss dining experience. A Lite-Brite restaurant, with a gorgeous indoor lighting package. A...
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    News People mover now reopened!

    Guests are right to expect that attractions will operate correctly, without trains running into each other. It’s not about “snowflakes”; it’s about standards. This is Magic Kingdom, the crown jewel of Disney Parks. It’s not a roadside carnival.* *My apologies to Dinoland USA.
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    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    As of this morning, Disney has revamped the "Benefits of Staying at Disney Resort Hotels" page, scrubbing any mention of FastPass+, Extra Magic Hours, Magic Bands, or Disney Dining Plans. 😑 (Compare previous page and current page)
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    This front entrance renovation looks amazing. What a stark contrast to the "mistake on the lake" unfolding in World Showcase! It's hard to believe the same company is simultaneously responsible for both.
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    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    I hope that — for us WDW fans — October 1, 2021 will mark WDW’s 50th anniversary and a somewhat “official” end of the pandemic. Nothing would make me happier than Disney restarting all of its fireworks shows and ceasing mask requirements on October 1, kicking off a year-long post-pandemic...
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    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    My hope is that they leave most of the backgrounds intact. If they're just replacing the main characters and cleverly recontextualizing existing sets, I think $50 million might be acceptable. In other words, if they're replacing all of the animatronics on the finale ferry, $50 million =...
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    Disney’s Q1 FY21 Earnings Results Webcast - February 11, 2021

    Chapek: "I would characterize this last year as a year of learning...about what we can do in terms of sustained margin growth in our parks." :rolleyes: (Chapek goes on to mention that this is particularly true of Disneyland, where they've eliminated the annual pass program)
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    Disney’s Q1 FY21 Earnings Results Webcast - February 11, 2021

    Chapek reiterates that there's been a double-digit % increase in per capita guest spending compared to previous Q1.
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    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    I hope they swapped the whistle. The current one is painfully loud for anyone in the Haunted Mansion queue.
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