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  1. Sketch105

    News 'Disney After Hours' ticketed event

    I got to experience the Disney After Hours last year, when it was still billed at $150. It was a comp, since they were inviting a lot of Expedia people to enjoy the experience and sell it. In fact, the only people I saw all night were Expedia people and a handful of guests. And it was incredible...
  2. Sketch105

    Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Maybe Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Beastly Kingdom? Where he fights off dragons and Griffins....and he finds a unicorn?
  3. Sketch105

    Dinosaur Broken Animatronic.

    Rode Dinosaur last week, so I know what you're talking about. They have a "Stand-In" Carnotaur, which is simply a head on a metal stand, that is put in place whenever one of the Carnotaurs is down and needs to be removed to be fixed. I'm pretty sure that's what I saw. Pictures are in this...
  4. Sketch105

    News José and Panchito will join Discovery Island Carnivale at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    OOH! I didn't realize that was the connection we were making. I think they chose Jose and Panchito because they don't normally make appearances at any other park, they're animals so they fit with the theme, and they might have a lot of "friends" who are their height and are available to party...
  5. Sketch105

    The fate of Star Tours?

    I see Star Tours sticking around for a while. It's the one attraction they can easily update to promote the newest film without a long down time, and I think it will definitely still take the edge off GE's opening when those crowds begin to hit. We will have to see once Star Wars Land opens...
  6. Sketch105

    News José and Panchito will join Discovery Island Carnivale at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Maybe not for this, but often you see an influx of street shows and entertainment at parks with mass construction to mask the fact that a lot of stuff isn't available...I'm looking at you DHS with your Star Wars stage shows and marches. I am excited for this. I love Jose and Panchito and...
  7. Sketch105

    What do you think of the EPCOT Central Spine redesign?

    They have released TONS of concept art that has drastically changed over the years, if it was unveiled at D23 or not. The original New Fantasyland was all Meet n Greets and even had Pixie Hollow, and then they changed the artwork entirely a year later. The whole Hyperion Wharf concept for...
  8. Sketch105

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    He/she could be ONLY an interior designer and is possibly creating the interiors for the shops/displays of "Adopt a Porg", the interior of Guardians, and the interior of the Tron queue/coaster rather than the actual attractions themselves, all which are sci-fi themed which seems to be up this...
  9. Sketch105

    Rumor Wonders of Life getting an attraction soon?

    So, I was out at the Wonders of Life pavilion today sketching it for a future print, and over the course of two hours I saw numerous personnel go in and out of the building, carrying merchandise dollies and just simply entering and exiting. I think the roof was merely being maintained because...
  10. Sketch105

    Rumor Wonders of Life getting an attraction soon?

    Wait, I thought Century 3 was Future Probe, and it was changed into Horizons...why are they indicated as two seperate pavilions?
  11. Sketch105

    Is Rock 'n' Roller Coaster changing its theme soon?

    I LOVE Aerosmith. It would kill me to see this change. But let's face facts- Aerosmith hasn't crafted a hit in years. When it opened in 1999, they were still producing hit singles even if the albums they came off flopped (PINK, anyone?). They were the perfect band because people who grew up in...
  12. Sketch105

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    Considering Disney in the 1990s had no movies to promote when it opened, and now they own Star Wars, Marvel, and have their own catalogue of animated features and films to promote, I can see the MGM/TCM deal being a big withdrawal. TCM was a holdover to keep a sponsor putting money into an...
  13. Sketch105

    News Circle of Life at The Land Pavilion permanently closing in early February 2018

    I saw the film recently- it was not in good shape- the auditorium was old and definitely not updated with the rest of the pavilion, the film was grainy, and the only thing that held up was the beautiful animation excerpts. The message of conservation was still strong, but stuck in a 90s mindset...
  14. Sketch105

    RIP The Great Movie Ride

    Yes, they are entirely online now. A shame since I used to love visiting their store, but they definitely overpriced a lot of their items and it wasn't easy to reach.
  15. Sketch105

    Terminator 2 3D to close October 8th

    Whatever they replace it with, it better have something as cool as the motorcycle coming off screen, coming onstage, then driving back into the screen. Seriously loved that effect.
  16. Sketch105

    Cirque du Soleil purchases the Blue Man Group and their future

    I wouldn't get too excited about crazy changes to Blue Man Group. Blue Man Group have a very, very particular vision of what they are about, and they already update the show frequently. I see this purchase as more of a financial partnership- BMG can continue to do tours, outside creative...
  17. Sketch105

    Terminator 2 3D to close October 8th

    Farewell, Terminator 2 3D. I will always have fond memories of you!
  18. Sketch105

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    Any new demolition news besides the Alien/Tarzan scenes that were earlier reported? Anything else been hauled out?
  19. Sketch105

    When another Guest ruins an experience/attraction for you

    I was on Carousel of Progress, and we were in Fourth of July scene. There was a handful of people in there, most kinda bored or falling asleep (not a knock, just what I noticed). The July scene was just about to end, when a family of three decided to leave through the exit right as it was...
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