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    Ads loading incorrectly, affecting ability to use site

    The scroll down ads are currently not loading on iPhones correctly, they will load at the top of the screen and then load off center. This causes the ad to block the screen, but when you scroll down the website scrolls too such that the ads block access to the page and you can never see that...
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    Do not expect to Rope Drop riding a Disney Bus

    I realize why they are doing this (to avoid crowding the gate) but at the same time I find it incredibly disappointing that currently at least until EMH is implemented, the Disney Buses will not get you to the park gates in time for rope drop. The only way to do that is to either walk, Skyline...
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    Pirates and Tower having issues

    I haven’t seen it reported but Tower was only running one side all day (the one on the right, closest to the Libraries, Foxtrot right?) and when I hopped to MK Pirates was down and I got pushed a notification apologizing for it being down by the park President on my app. Anyone know what’s...
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    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    Ok, this topic is of interest to me and seems to quickly devolve in the other covid threads quickly that I thought it deserved its own thread. How much of Disney World would have to be open before you would be willing to go? Assume: -You are not a local, and are going for the week and need...
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    Incident at BTMRR (2/9)

    Something really weird occurred at BTMRR as I was riding the ride, they evacuated the queue. The ride was not broken, there was no EMS personal, and I saw no camera crews around. There was however a bunch of white shirted managers. It was really bizarre.
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    Don’t ever give up (Day of Fastpasses)

    It is possible to get fastpasses the day of, you just need to constantly search, here is a list of FPs I’ve booked day of this week (Feb 4-8) -Peter Pan -Frozen Ever After -Tower of Terror -Soarin -Toy Story Mania -Slinky Dog Dash I hear it’s easier for smaller parties, but I’ve had luck with...
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    Which way do you wear your Magic Band?

    Alright folks, it’s time to answer the question of our time! How do you wear your Magic Band? I choose to wear him facing out so that when someone looks at my wrist or it’s in pictures Mickey appears right side up, do you do the same or do you wear the band so Mickey looks right side up to...
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    Something needs to change with MK close on non Party Nights

    I was at MK tonight and while the park did not seem crowded, the closing was a you know what show. They are currently blocking anyone not staying at a monorail resort from using the Resort Line, which was great for me as a Contemporary guest, but this resulted in the line to the ferry and...
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    MK Evening EMH cut starting in Feb

    So it looks like they are again cutting evening EMH at MK starting in February, Wed Feb 5th is now listed as morning EMH, which is so frustrating. I’m tired of them taking away my favorite EMH.
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    Can I buy TiW at DS Guest Services?

    The title pretty much says it all, I’ll probably be activating my AP at DS and was wondering if anyone has purchased it there. Thanks in advance!
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