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  1. Gelatoni

    Epcot arts festival screen printing question

    When I went ages ago they added larger sizes to their stock. Granted that was 2 years ago lol.
  2. Gelatoni

    Smoking ban at Disneyland and Disney World thoughts..

    So is over eating and sugar let’s ban them too! Let’s ban fat people too they take up more space on rides! (I’m fat before anyone gets upset) Also the tour groups that chant! ( this is all sarcasm) But seriously everyone has bad habits let everyone live their lives let the smokers have an area...
  3. Gelatoni

    Are you looking forward to the Spaceship Earth refurb?

    I see this getting cut to save money
  4. Gelatoni


    Sorry if this has been posted. I've been bored and the was a treasure to listen too.
  5. Gelatoni

    Rain ponchos

    I get cheap ones at any store so I can throw them away after it rains instead of hauling around a wet poncho al day.
  6. Gelatoni

    Haunted Mansion Stops

    My favorite ride stops is on “voyage of the little mermaid”
  7. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    I'm really starting to think we aren't getting anything outside the Riviera deal
  8. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    https://www.inquisitr.com/5672397/walt-disney-world-discounts-frozen-2020-free-dining/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+google%2FyDYq+%28The+Inquisitr+-+News%29&utm_content=Yahoo+Search+Results interesting offers announced (not chase visa) just though they were intresting
  9. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    just a question how were you told about this offer? I didn't get an email or anything for it
  10. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    Thanks for the heads up but this is out of my price range i did some quick number crunching it'd still be like 3k for my trip in Feb that's above my price range. Hopefully we get more offers than this
  11. Gelatoni

    Milkshakes at Art of Animation?

    I’ve had pop century’s and they are good.
  12. Gelatoni

    Magic Bands in Civilian Life

    Not gonna lie I’d wear mine if it had some functionality. Also if they had a Fitbit crossover version they could take my money now.
  13. Gelatoni

    Does anyone NOT like Flight of Passage?

    I think most big people like myself hate the seating for it if that counts. I'll probably never get to ride it. Not terribly broken up over it. kinda guessing the tron coaster my have the same issues.
  14. Gelatoni

    "One And Done" Attractions

    Laughing Floor... I hate shows you can be called on...
  15. Gelatoni

    Minnie's new voice

    If that's the new voice. It's a pretty good match. most people will never notice imo.
  16. Gelatoni

    Skyliner video

    I'm afraid of heights but I'll try it but I'm worried about the switching process if it's like the monorail where you have to go all the way down and walk back up is a deal breaker.
  17. Gelatoni

    Epcot Forever is forcasted to be one of those soundtracks

    I'll be grabbing that cd for sure too.
  18. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    I used to get the discount emails but i haven't gotten one since last august. Are you all still getting hotel discount emails from "disney Rewards". I still get disney store emails like daily for chase visa.
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