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  1. wdwtopten

    The cutest thing! Girl dressed as BB8 meets BB8 at WDW.

    The cast member was great as well!
  2. wdwtopten

    All Disney Parks related stations have been removed from TuneIn?

    For those who don't know, TuneIn Radio is included by default on all Alexa devices, Google Home devices, and Sonos devices. On Sonos, it is the only streaming radio choice, aside from services like Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. With Alexa devices, there are alternative...
  3. wdwtopten

    I am exactly 60 days out today....

    ...and I couldn't get a FP for 7 Dwarves or Avatar. I just need to vent and to say that it is absurd that at 60 days out I can't get these. Also, the tiers at DHS are bad. Slinky Dog, ToT, RnRC, Alien Swing, and Midway Mania all at Tier 1? Come on.
  4. wdwtopten

    Best Source for Disney Parks Background Music?

    I often listen to background music from the parks (you know, the music they play in Adventure Land or Frontier Land...or the music they play on Main Street USA or inside various resorts, etc.). I often listen to them on Youtube, but I am looking for a convenient way to listen to that music...
  5. wdwtopten

    Disney made almost 1 billion in "theme-park profit" during the last quarter.

    Disney made almost 1 billion in "theme-park profit" during the last quarter. Note, that is profit, not revenue. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-09/disney-profit-tops-estimates-as-star-wars-boosts-film-division
  6. wdwtopten

    What are your favorite WDW podcasts?

    Do you have a favorite WDW podcast? I'm looking for a couple to start listening to...
  7. wdwtopten

    If you could swap any 2 attractions at WDW...

    If you could swap any two attractions at WDW, what would you choose? For example, would you put Midway Mania in the Magic Kingdom and in it's place put the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor in Hollywood Studios? Or maybe put the Hall of Presidents at EPCOT and Test Track at the Magic Kingdom?
  8. wdwtopten

    When will the new Epcot entertainers debut?

    Have there been any announcements regarding when the new entertainment at Epcot will begin? Just to be clear, I am referring to the acts replacing Off Kilter, Mo Rockin', etc.
  9. wdwtopten

    Limited Time Magic at WDW starting Nov 16?

    Does anyone know what WDW might be planning for Limited Time Magic at WDW starting Nov 16? There isn't anything listed on the official site, except the trolly show that they have been doing for a while now...
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