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  1. Oddysey

    Ghost on Sleeping Beauty Castle?

    This video was captured 10 years ago and is one of few where I do not see an easy explanation as to what was captured in the footage. Was there ever any explanation as to what could have caused the appearance of a ghost watching the fireworks? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. Oddysey

    Lord of the Rings and more coming to DHS?

    I am a WDW local, and spent some time at Tire Kingdom (not to be confused with Magic Kingdom) today getting my tires rotated. At this time I began discussion with a fellow Tire Kingdom customer who has worked for WDW for 24 years. Before all the bus driver jokes begin let me state that he did...
  3. Oddysey

    Misunderstanding of things as a child.

    I wanted to make a thread that identified an experience you or someone else may of had as a child when you went to the parks. For example, when I was a small child I rode the TTA with my parents. In the Space Mountain section I saw two rockets full of people on each side of me going up the...
  4. Oddysey

    New prop in the Great Movie Ride?

    Last night my wife and I took a ride on the GMR at HS. In the scene where the mugsy or cowboy tries to steal the jewel and turns into a skeleton we noticed another large skeleton that was lying on the ledge in front of the jewel facing the cars. We have taken this ride many times over and never...
  5. Oddysey

    Can you bring a laptop into the parks?

    With the recent inclusion of free wi-fi in the parks is it allowable for park guest to bring a laptop? I might spend a day working from there while taking in the sites and sounds of Epcot.
  6. Oddysey

    Attraction in your back yard?

    Without thinking of the logistics of it. If you could only chose one, which Disney World attraction would you have placed in your back yard so that you could visit it anytime that you please? Mine would be Pirates of the Carribean. This is because for the most part it is a slow relaxing boat...
  7. Oddysey

    Question about Holidays in the World Showcase

    My health took a mysterious dive in late October of 2011. Ironically, it all started at Epcot one night, but I am recovering. That being said, my wife and I typically get a photo with Father Christmas at the English pavilion every single year. This year because of my health issues we missed...
  8. Oddysey

    Angler Fish in "B" mode

    This is not meant to be a complaint thread, but simply an update on an important affect on everybody's favorite clownfish ride. After months of the Angler Fish showing no movement at all. As of last weekend, it is now working in a special "B" mode. What is B mode you may ask? It appears that the...
  9. Oddysey

    Good site for Epcot Screensavers?

    I am searching for Epcot screensavers, but I am always very afraid to download anything from a site that I am unfamiliar with. I am looking for a reliable place to download multiple Epcot screensavers. Does anyone know a reputable site with some nice screensavers? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Oddysey

    MK monorails lead to less frequent visits.

    My wife and I probably visit Epcot 2 to 3 times each month, and rarley visit MK despite it being one of our favorite parks. The main reason is because it is so easy to access from the parking lot, and it is easy to leave quickly. MK typically closes after Epcot, and we always discuss going...
  11. Oddysey

    Where is the cat??? (Osbourne Lights)

    So my wife made our annual visit to see the Osbourne Lights at DHS. Every year we look for the hidden cat and have never had any trouble finding it. However, this year it is either well hidden, not displayed, or it could be that we are no longer as good at hide and seek as we have been...
  12. Oddysey

    Heart warming visit to Epcot

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of 2008. She has survived multiple surgeries, but the tumor continues to grow back. As a result, she is not in the best of shape and among many other problems is unable to walk. Her husband took her to Epcot last week because she...
  13. Oddysey

    First Epic Mickey Screenshots

    Here is a link to the first screenshots shown for Epic Mickey. http://nintendodpad.com/Welcome/News/Entries/2009/10/15_First_Epic_Mickey_Scans!.html
  14. Oddysey

    Hat Pirate, Hatless???

    I searched to see if this is in another thread, but could not find it. I have notice while riding PoC that the Pirate trying to balance himself on the boat is missing all the hats that used to be stacked on his head. It has been this way for a long time now. Does anyone know why the hats were...
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