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  1. TrainChasers

    Flood at the Boardwalk Inn

    This came across my google news feed this morning - not sure how serious it is. https://insidethemagic.net/2021/02/disney-boardwalk-inn-flood-rwb1/
  2. TrainChasers

    Security splitting up families / groups at entrances

    I’ve seen this at both Epcot and studios, security is now forcing guests without bags to use the no-bag line. I have a big problem with this. This morning for example going into Epcot I was forced to separate from my mom... we should be able to wait together if we want, it makes for a calmer...
  3. TrainChasers

    Studios entertainment cut over the last few years.

    While this applies to several parks after attending the 30th anniversary it’s pretty crazy how much live entertainment has been cut in the last few years. - Daily Parade -mulch sweat and shears live band with equity actor host - Hollywood public works - 3 equity actors per day - Citizens of...
  4. TrainChasers

    Moments with Lincoln closed for Previews

    Just read that they have closed Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln for film previews. (Dumbo and now Alladin). First, this makes no sense in general. Why would you close a running attraction for a film preview? But second, why close it for the entire day? At least operate Lincoln for a few hours...
  5. TrainChasers

    Philharmonic and Main Street Citizens cut back?

    Noticed this on my New Years trips and thought it might be some cms were needed elsewhere for holiday offerings but the schedule seems to show both of these mk entertainment cuts... Main Street Philharmonic down to 5 days a week. Citizens of Main Street down to 4 sets per day. 4 sets is...
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