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  1. Moonrayvin

    Suggestions? Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!

    Hello everyone! I hope to get some more insight and suggestions as to a good plan of action for my trip! I just keep going in circles on this one... All days are planned except... My Thursday and Friday (Dec 1 & 2) are throwing me for a loop! I currently have my Thursday as HS and Friday AK...
  2. Moonrayvin

    Nemo less intense?

    Sorry if there's a thread about this... But I just got back yesterday and took my 2 year old on Finding Nemo at The Seas Epcot... I was preparing for the angler fish scene ( because it scares ME!) by covering my daughter's eyes a but when I noticed the fish seems to stay far away. I chalked it...
  3. Moonrayvin

    Super Bowl Half Time

    Not sure about the rest of you.... but I just watched the Super Bowl Half Time show from Super Bowl XXXIV and couldn't help but feel nostalgic and hopeful... Who else wants more moments like this from Disney Parks and beyond?
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