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  1. FutureCEO

    Mister Fans

    So after looking for this topic, I fould 8 year old threads and I doubt those should be brought back from the dead. But Mister fans? Is there any to recommend for a theme park? While I would like one that is a Disneyesque to hang around your neck. One that can safely put in a bag is fine too.
  2. FutureCEO

    Impressions de France Audio

    Does any know where I can find audio from Impressions de France that does not have the background noise and announcer commentary? Youtube has a lot but the commentary is still there.
  3. FutureCEO


    Is Hulu slowly becoming Disney Plus 2? With Disney rumored to comes to terms on ATT's 10%, if all entertainment leaves like Netflix, will Disney be forced to get rid of Hulu or keep it as a Disney Plus 2.
  4. FutureCEO

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite vs Huawei 30 Lite

    So I'm in the market for a new phone and was wondering on the better of the two phones above? I'm on Metro PCS/T-Mobile. I never spent more than $100 on a phone before so I'm staying away from overpriced Apple and Samsung.
  5. FutureCEO

    Call me by your name

    Normally I don't recommend movies to anyone but Call me by your name was such an amazing film that I watched it twice in two days. The kind of movie that doesn't rake in hundreds of millions but movies like this should be done more often. Was wondering if anybody else has seen it? Or heard...
  6. FutureCEO

    River Country

    This probably has been discussed but I don't want to wade through all the threads
  7. FutureCEO


    Does anybody watch it? It kinda of strayed from from the first few seasons. It's worse season was when Mike went to prison. But the last episode with Megan Markle in it was sad but I feel like the creators are not doing themselves a favor bring Katherine Heigl on.
  8. FutureCEO

    What is your best TV season?

    The best TV season for me would have to be Torchwood: Children of Earth
  9. FutureCEO

    Swan and Dolphin

    Since Marriott closed on the Starwood deal last week, the Swan and Dolphin are officially part of Marriott. Just wanted to create a thread if they were any changes?
  10. FutureCEO


    You think Disney would have some Marvel presence in the theme parks by now. I'm sure they can use characters not used by Universal's contract with Marvel. Or maybe that would be MGM's third new land? Will Disney finally stop Sunset Blvd from being the dead end with Toy Story Land?
  11. FutureCEO


    I can't send or receive imessages unless I'm on the internet. And yes, every setting is right. I looked everywhere. It seems no one has a clue.
  12. FutureCEO

    Honda Recall

    I received a letter in the mail today but apparently there is a huge Honda/Acura recall of airbags. This started last year but I'm just finding about this today :cautious:
  13. FutureCEO

    Itunes help

    My itunes is working but I can't put anything in my wish list, buy anything or access my account. It keeps asking for a password even though I type in the correct one.
  14. FutureCEO

    WDW Ticket Prices

    It's that time of year where Disney usually ups their ticket prices. So any rumblings of an increase?
  15. FutureCEO

    All rides in a day

    Personally, with the crowds and everything like traveling to the different parks and everything. I'm not sure this is possible unless you have 50 thousand fastpasses.
  16. FutureCEO

    Toy Story 4

    No longer a rumor
  17. FutureCEO

    Cape May

    About how much is dinner? On sites it says $30 - $60. We will be going in the middle of May.
  18. FutureCEO

    Decorations for Downtown Disney

    Haven't seen this mentioned but according to the parks blog, they're new. Well, some of them are.
  19. FutureCEO

    Paying for Fastpass

    I have never heard of legitimate rumour about this so hence it's not in that section. If Disney charged for it a couple years from now, would you use it? I can see them giving out 2 free fastpass ride per day and then charging a bit for extra. For there's only 2 or so rides you need for...
  20. FutureCEO

    Disney vs Non Disney Hotels

    On property though. If you didn't have a timeshare or anything special like that. Which would you prefer? With Disney hotels through the roof for price, Downtown Disney area hotels are cheaper but is it worth it. I've never seen shuttles at the parks for Downtown Disney hotels btw. You have...
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