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  1. fascion216

    What do you want to change about Magic Kingdom

    yeah .. i must agree that im not much a fan of toontown .. but i do think that goofys barnstormer rocks! :sohappy: personally, i just hope the space mountain rehab turns out terrific .. i shall be waving until then :wave:
  2. fascion216

    INCREDIBLE Magic Kingdom Song

    LOL ... :ROFLOL:that cracks me up!
  3. fascion216

    MNSSHP characters

    hard to say:veryconfu... since the parties dont start till sept. i doubt if anyone could know this far in advance. ive went to MNSSHP for the past three years... and for the most part, theres alot of villians (villians mix n mingle) pixie hollow wasnt around yet last year so again, i doubt...
  4. fascion216

    Am I being cheap?

    i think its all relative to what type of service you receive. last trip, at chef mickey's i left $3 coz .. its a buffet .. and my waitress didnt even refill my drink. and at boma, the service was just okay .. just again, i didnt leave much of a tip. at cali grill, my server was great...
  5. fascion216

    T-Rex and Rainforest Cafe ADR's???

    does that means t-rex is on the dining plan now?
  6. fascion216

    hi .. i noticed you live in baton rouge .. i am so jealous! that is a beautiful city!

    hi .. i noticed you live in baton rouge .. i am so jealous! that is a beautiful city!
  7. fascion216

    Apple Store at Downtown Disney?

    i REALLY hope this doesnt happen. i dont think an apple store is special enough. i am really hoping for something different. who do you know that buys a new computer on vacation?
  8. fascion216

    Wave until Space Mountain refurb is done!

    Im Joining in! lets get our wave on! :wave:
  9. fascion216

    What snack would you add to spice up the snack carts???

    hmm .. i vote for jalapeno poppers! with a cold beer to wash it down .. sounds like heaven! :goodnevil
  10. fascion216

    hey there ... i always enjoy your trip reports!

    hey there ... i always enjoy your trip reports!
  11. fascion216

    We hated Walt Disney World and we're never going back.

    LOL some people quite simply dont have a clue! :veryconfu i dont understand how you can spend a bunch of money ... and not do any RESEARCH!! :brick: i understand some people dont have the stamina for WDW, some dont have enough time ... but FOR REAL, PEOPLE ... you dont have to do it all in...
  12. fascion216

    How many days do you spent in Disneyworld?

    My sept. trip is going to be 11 nights / 12 days. id love to stay 2 weeks (14 days) but i really cant afford it right now .. i hope soon though! heres to finding a better job or getting promoted!!! :sohappy:
  13. fascion216

    Which attraction do you think has the best architecture in WDW ???

    i gotta go with mission space ... i just love it! :sohappy: whats everybodys fav hotel architecture wise? id have to say the contemporary is my favorite ... i just love the modern / clean lines of it. :)
  14. fascion216

    DTD: The hits just keep on coming...

    i enjoyed walking through starbilia's very much... but i assume they did not have very many sales ... :shrug: your typical tourist doesnt come to WDW to drop a phat wad of ca$h on movie star's autographs ... :confused: We drop a load of ca$h to get character autographs! :sohappy:
  15. fascion216

    Best Disney Guide Book?

    i prefer the unoffical guide as well ... but theres nothing like a passporter to get you in the planning mood! Jennifer and Dave are the best!! :sohappy:
  16. fascion216

    Without Disney...

    i couldnt agree more! i just need WDW to look forward to. i work retail and sometimes dealing with people is the worst. i have some great co-workers to pick me up when i am down, but theres nothing better than having disney to look forward to. sometimes, i just visualize being on main street...
  17. fascion216

    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks

    ohh .. how i love his ideas for tomorrowland & "progress city" this is such a great interview!!
  18. fascion216

    Expanded Epcot Segway Tour?

    really COOL im glad to hear you enjoyed it! ive been wanting to ask if people enjoyed this tour ..i will be booking it for my trip in sept. :sohappy:
  19. fascion216

    Virgin Megastone Closing after 5/12

    ahh .. im totally bummed :mad: i enjoyed and looked forward to heading to virgin at DTD. as a former record store employee, i enjoyed the atmosphere and merchandise selection. im a huge tokidoki and harajuku lovers fan and being from cleveland, ohio i cant find that stuff around here. so it...
  20. fascion216

    Parks Merchandise Available Online Direct From Disney

    WOW!! im glad to see they finally did those... that said, i must agree with the other posters ... hopefully the selection expands. they only have 2 t-shirts listed. i hope they add jewelry and cds! :)
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