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  1. fascion216

    Favorite Souvenir?

    Hello everyone .. i think this is the first thread ive ever started. so here goes ... what is everyone favorite souvenir that theyve purchased? whether it be a specific t-shirt or a DVC membership ... post pics if possible! and let me start this out ... my favorite souvenir ive ever...
  2. fascion216

    90 days for dining now?

    hello everyone! its been a while since i last posted ... but since we last spoke, ive booked my next trip! and im not going till september 28th (which is 247 days away! *woot woot*) but, my triple a travel agent has told me that you can only book most dining reservations 90 days ahead (xcept...
  3. fascion216

    ladies, a question...

    hi all! this is a specific question for the ladies out there. do you carry a purse to the parks or just a backpack? either way .. what do you find necessary to keep in there? any tips???
  4. fascion216

    great grocery delivery service

    i dont know if any of you are familiar with it, but i used this service on my last trip to disney and am planning on using it again on my next trip this coming october. the website is www.gardengrocer.com for a $12 delivery fee you can choose from around 5,000 grocery items to have delivered...
  5. fascion216


    hello everyone! i am soo pumped to have found this website! :wave: my name is jeni i am 26 years old from north royalton, ohio. me and my best friend sarina are going to disney world from october 6-14 of 2008. we are staying at the contemporary which is my favorite hotel. i got a pretty...
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