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  1. Weather_Lady

    Landry's Select Club in the COVID Era - Should I Count on Priority Seating or Call for an ADR?

    I'm just a month away from our 60-day "ADR day," and two of our planned meals are lunch at Yak & Yeti and dinner at Rainforest Cafe at AK. We are Landry's Select Club members, and in the past would have foregone ADRs and simply relied on getting walk-up "priority seating" with our card, but I...
  2. Weather_Lady

    A Tip For Those Looking to Book JetBlue

    With JetBlue's new rolling 331-day schedule, February break (President's Day week) 2022 flights are starting to become available. My family is hoping to fly to Orlando on Monday 2/21, so I've been checking the prices (currently available through Saturday, 2/19) to get a feel for what we might...
  3. Weather_Lady

    Booking two trip options (one onsite, one offsite): am I missing anything?

    Our previous WDW trips have always been onsite stays. However, my family is a get-up-early-for-rope-drop, attraction-focused group, meaning the earlier access to Fastpasses, ability to use WDW transportation to conveniently get us to parks well before rope drop, and the opportunity to make use...
  4. Weather_Lady

    Universal Hotel APH Rates Just Extended Into August 2021

    FYI, this morning Universal extended its annual passholder rates for onsite hotels through the second week in August.
  5. Weather_Lady

    Universal Orlando Restaurants: ADRs Available 6 Months Ahead

    I apologize if this is old news, but in planning my family's upcoming combo Universal/WDW trip, I noticed that all of the in-park and CityWalk restaurants at Universal Orlando now appear to be taking table service reservations at 6 months out. This includes restaurants that didn't used to take...
  6. Weather_Lady

    When are package tickets considered "activated" with online check-in?

    This is a ticket activation question regarding an upcoming Universal-and-Disney vacation, in which we'll be transferring early in the morning from our Universal Hotel to CBR to begin the WDW leg of our trip. The WDW portion is a room-and-ticket package. The family really wants to hit Hollywood...
  7. Weather_Lady

    Early Activation of Package Tickets: Can It Still Be Done If All We Want Is To Use A "Plus" Entitlement?

    Curiosity question: I know that early activation of tickets (that is, activating tickets purchased as part of a room-and-ticket package prior to your check-in date) is allegedly no longer allowed, now that tickets are date-based. My question is, what about Parkhopper Plus tickets? Could we have...
  8. Weather_Lady

    Our February Trip Dining Reviews, plus DDP vs. OOP Comparisons

    For what it's worth, here's a link to the "dining" section of my family's most recent trip report. It includes some thoughts on: - Grocery Delivery via Amazon Prime Now - CS meals at Flame Tree BBQ (AK), ABC Commissary (HS), Pecos Bill's (MK), The Mara (AKL-Jambo) and Blizzard Beach - TS...
  9. Weather_Lady

    Trip Report We Came, We Rose, We Resisted: A February Break Adventure

    Here's my rough-and-ready recap of my family's February 17-23, 2020 Disney World visit. (Spoiler alert: We had a terrific time!) Cast: me, DH, DS (13) and DD (11) Instead of a chronological report, I've broken my thoughts down into a few topics as follows (I'll try to add clickable links if I...
  10. Weather_Lady

    Is the Sanaa view still blocked by construction scrims?

    Has anyone been to Sanaa in the last few days or weeks? I was looking forward to our lunch ADR there on 2/17, but I just saw a Youtube review posted 3 weeks ago, at which the diner pointed out that the views of the animals were completely blocked by huge construction scrims outside the...
  11. Weather_Lady

    Any Recent Experiences With Routes/Wait Times for DME to Animal Kingdom Lodge?

    We arrive in Orlando on Monday, 2/17 (President's Day). Our plane is expected to be at the gate by 9:00am and we'll be among the first to disembark, which will put us at the DME Welcome Center about 15 minutes later, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (meaning: eager and impatient). We're...
  12. Weather_Lady

    Has anybody recently flown direct from/to Buffalo and Orlando on JetBlue?

    Has anybody taken JetBlue's direct flights between Buffalo and Orlando lately (Flights 85 and 1586)? If so, can you weigh in on whether you had functioning seatback screens? This makes a big difference in what we pack to keep the kids (and ourselves) busy in-flight. The last two times my...
  13. Weather_Lady

    If we assume Space 220 will be open but "walk-up only" during our visit, what should we expect?

    I've been "watching" Space 220 watch threads on other forums, and it appears that CMs are starting to indicate to inquiring guests that the restaurant will be "walk-up only" for the first few weeks, as with prior restaurant openings in the parks (Takumi-Tei being the latest, I believe). I...
  14. Weather_Lady

    Space 220 Watch: Web Page Went Active Today (But No ADRs or Opening Date Yet)

    Part of my morning routine (don't judge) is a search for Space 220 on the WDW Official website. Up through yesterday, that search would only turn up the months-old blog post that initially announced the restaurant. As of this morning, a search now turns up a dedicated restaurant page. The...
  15. Weather_Lady

    That snap you heard? My camel's back is breaking!

    Appropos of nothing, WDW raised food prices. (Yes, I know this happens every year, sometimes multiple times. Yes, I know WDW food is expensive. Yes, I know that everyone's price "breaking point" is different.) Dinner at 'Ohana is now near $60 per person, an increase of almost 33% over the...
  16. Weather_Lady

    New Rule: For orders placed after 10/1, guests must be present to meet mobility vendor deliverypersons

    According to this video from Kingdom Strollers, the situation is in flux, but it appears that due to a recent policy change, Bell Services at Disney owned-and-operated resorts (so this does not include the Swan/Dolphin, Shades of Green, or Disney Springs hotels) will not be accepting outside...
  17. Weather_Lady

    Starting your WDW vacation on one of the most heavily-crowded days of the year: where would you go and what would you do?

    This February will be my family's first experience with heavy crowds at WDW.* We arrive Monday, 2/17 (President's Day) for a 6-night stay at AKL (DVC studio on rented points), with 6-day parkhopper plus tickets, and 7 usable days (early arrival on Monday, late flight on Sunday). The whole week...
  18. Weather_Lady

    (*UPDATED WITH TRIP REPORT) First-Ever-Visit-To-Disneyland Pretrip Report: 8/24-29, 2019

    Hello, all! I realize that Disneyland planning is quite a bit more relaxed than Disney World planning, but my family still likes to go in with at least a rough plan. If you don't mind, I wanted to post our plans here, in the hopes that any Disneyland veterans might be able to identify any...
  19. Weather_Lady

    Is Sanaa discontinuing lunch service this winter?

    I was doing some recon for an upcoming trip on the WDW dining website, and it's showing that Sanaa will be closed for lunch after 12/30/19 (only dinner hours are displayed, and only dinner ADRs can be made, for January 1 - February 1, the current 180-day date). It seems weird they would shut...
  20. Weather_Lady

    Summer Room Discount Offer Released Today

    FWIW, Disneyland just announced a modest, limited discount on hotel rooms at the Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian this summer, with 10-15% discounts most Sunday through Thursday nights from July 23 through September 26, 2019. It's not an impressive offer as discounts go, but as my mother...
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