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  1. Crazyredheads

    Finally going ahead with my Vow Renewal Plans. Now to choose where and when?

    Hey Guys! Some of you may have noticed that I posted plans for a vow renewal one and half years ago, but because of the pandemic, everything had to be canceled. In a way, I was super lucky since my plans had not been finalized and I had not put any down deposit. Well now that the vaccines...
  2. Crazyredheads

    Best restaurants for a big group with kids?

    Hi guys, My family booked our Disney Vacation a couple of months ago for the first week of March. Now my sister and brother-in-law decided to join us and are bringing their kids. I am now trying to change my previous ADR to include the whole family. We will be a group of 8 people: 4 adults and...
  3. Crazyredheads

    Help me decide where to have my Vow Renewal!

    Hi guys! My husband and I decided to renew our vows a few years ago to celebrate all the amazing years we spent together as a married couple. We started dating 21 years ago and just celebrated our 15th year of marriage this summer. We have two amazing boys (12 and 9 y.o.) and want to share this...
  4. Crazyredheads

    Is the Mummy Roller coaster comparable to Space Mountain?

    Hi Guys, I am going to Universal in 3 weeks and I never rode on The Mummy before for fear of being sick. I like to try new things and kinda want to see the story/theming of the ride but don't want to deal with feeling sick all day. I cannot do very intense roller coasters. I can handle...
  5. Crazyredheads

    Which resort to pick? Help me choose.

    Hi guys, I just booked my flight to Florida and was wanting to spend the last 4 days of our vacation visiting Universal. We are driving from Clearwater to Orlando on Sunday, March 3rd and flying home on Thursday, March 7th. The kids really want to visit the Harry Potter Land. We've been to...
  6. Crazyredheads

    Disneyland Shanghai Trip Report

    Hi everyone, I just finished my trip report about Disneyland Shanghai on my blog. It is a little late but only found the time to review it now. I've been to Walt Disney World over 10 times and I visited the Hong Kong Disneyland a couple of times so I am comparing this park to those two. I...
  7. Crazyredheads

    Which ECV company to rent from?

    Can anyone recommend an ECV company. I am traveling with my mother in law who cannot stand or walk for very long. She is getting a hip operation as soon as we get back from the trip. We will be staying at Disney's Polynesian resort. There are so many company's to choose from. I was looking at...
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