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  1. Tenny317

    Scavenger Hunt

    I was wondering if there is a generic WDW scavenger hunt...not just the D23 scavenger hunt. Obviously it doesn't have to have a prize but something to just do for fun! Let me know thanks guys!
  2. Tenny317


    On Saturday I was leaving Animal Kingdom at about 4:30pm and I saw a girl holding her yorkshire terrier inside of the park. I was very confused, it was def not a seeing eye dog or what not, and she was def holding it in her hands...any thoughts?
  3. Tenny317

    Wireless Internet?

    I just got a new iPod for Christmas and was wondering if I would be able to access a line waiting app or would I have to have 3G or the iPhone? Thanks!
  4. Tenny317

    Florida Resident Pass Question

    If you buy a Florida state pass and do the monthly pass can you pay more on the monthly fee from month to month with more then the asking price? Just to make the process go quicker for example if one month I wanted to put $100 towards it, etc...
  5. Tenny317

    tequila bar

    in epcot...question....is the tequila bar open and running in the mexico pavillon?
  6. Tenny317

    dining plan

    can someone explain to me how the disney dining plan works as well as the free dining plan. i especially don't understand the free one. thanks
  7. Tenny317


    How long are Christmas decorations up until? My boyfriend and I are celebrating our Christmas together on January 4th and was wondering if things will still be up. Thanks! :wave:
  8. Tenny317

    California Grill

    Does anyone have the limited menu for the California Grill lounge menu. I was told that the lounge menu is def. from the regular menu. Help would be great!
  9. Tenny317

    Christmas Time

    Suggestion Time: My boyfriend and I currently live in two different states NY and Florida, he lives in Florida. So because of this I am going down there on December 28th and we are checking into All Star Sports that night and having our Christmas. Waking up the next morning, doing gifts, etc...
  10. Tenny317

    Give a day get a day

    So I'm slightly confused about this whole thing. Do you have to go on a specific day when the Disney volunteer tour comes to your state/area or can you go when it's easiest for you starting in January? Any info would be helpful, I want to give a day to get one :sohappy:
  11. Tenny317

    August Crowds/Florida Ticket Prices

    So here's the deal...the boyfriend and I are moving him down to florida for school in august and are going to disney world mid august. He has a Florida drivers license and is able to get Florida tickets for himself. However I looked last month or so at Florida ticket prices and for a 4 day...
  12. Tenny317

    well there it is

    i am in total bummersville...i didn't get into the disney college program...
  13. Tenny317

    CP Question

    Hey y'all!! I was wondering two things. One is that I got this letter from the CP saying that they recieved my resume and documented my phone interview and that it is going to take an additional 3-4 weeks to give me an answer. I was wondering if a. anybody got the same letter and b. does...
  14. Tenny317

    Photo Porject Suggestions

    Ok so I am taking this photo class at my college and I'm going to Disney next weekend. The theme for my project is Industrial. Now can anybody think of specific places or things that are industrial looking at Disney that are more convinent than not? I have a REALLY good digital camera and I...
  15. Tenny317

    Food and Wine Menus

    Has anyone seen the new menus for the food and wine festival for the little kiosks. Oh man I'm going on the 5th of October, I'm so exciting I was salivating haha.
  16. Tenny317

    WDW College Program January 2008

    Hello everyone! I am applying to start the college program in january and I was wondering if anyone else was starting then too! I was wondering what your thoughts are, what you want to do, etc. Give a shout back!
  17. Tenny317


    Hey y'all. I was just wondering if anyone knows where all the "old fashion" photo booths are you know the one with 4 pictures going vertically are on premises. I know of the one in Tomorrowland right out of SPace Mountain, but I was wondering if there are more. The one my bf and I did outside...
  18. Tenny317


    What is the best housing situation to be in during the College Program...and I'm also over 21....let me know what I should aim for!
  19. Tenny317


    I have a question....How does one become an imagineer and what are the requirements or qualifications to become one. I am currently going to school for an art related major and I thought that was related. If anyone could give me any kind of information or a website that relates to getting an...
  20. Tenny317

    California Grill

    At the end of September my boyfriend and I are going to Disney for 6 days and we are celebrating our one year anniversary while we are there. I want to go to California Grill and get a little dressed up. Anyways, i was wondering what time would be good to go and see the fireworks from our seats...
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