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  1. fireworksandfairytales

    Animal Kingdom vs Hollywood Studios

    Hollywood Studios was my favorite park for a long time, but at this point I prefer DAK. Hollywood Studios almost always feels overcrowded and even with the new additions to the park I don't personally feel like I can spend the entire day there.
  2. fireworksandfairytales

    Favorite Land in the Magic Kingdom

    I LOVE Tomorrowland at night. All of the neon, seeing the castle lit up from the peoplemover, riding Astro Orbiter during fireworks; it's perfect. But I also voted for Main Street at night, because nothing beats watching Happily Ever After from the hub grass or Partners statue. And then in the...
  3. fireworksandfairytales

    Original WDW Entrance

    I recall my grandma tuning in to the radio station in the car when I was a little kid, so still around until at least '95 or '96. I hadn't thought about that in a long time!
  4. fireworksandfairytales

    I'm Hungry

    As far as Animal Kingdom, I'm a suuuuper picky eater and Satu'li Canteen is my favorite quick service on property. Their bowls give quite a bit of room for customization and I've always had a good experience with Cast Members there if I want simple modifications (like veggie slaw being left off...
  5. fireworksandfairytales

    *NEW* things “TO DO” with parks reopening

    On our visit to Magic Kingdom a new thing for us was going through the full Peter Pan's Flight queue, because we've never been willing to wait standby for it before. It was really cute and I'm glad we got to do it with such a short wait time! On our day at DAK we had a time rover on Dinosaur...
  6. fireworksandfairytales

    So, the new castle?

    The blue and gold look absolutely stunning and I'm a huge fan of those parts in particular. I thought the pink looked really lovely from Main Street, but when we caught a glimpse of the castle from Thunder Mountain it looked SO much more pink and I was less fond of it from that angle. It...
  7. fireworksandfairytales

    AP's on monthly plan charged for the closed 4 months

    I'm seeing this also. I just talked to a cast member through chat support and they told me that the system "went through some magical enhancements that caused this challenge". They also said they didn't know how it would be resolved or when (but I'm glad to see on here that refunds are being...
  8. fireworksandfairytales

    Dole Whip Nachos...yes please!

    Dole whip with boba pearls sounds so good! Definitely want to try this soon!
  9. fireworksandfairytales

    Best Resort for Honeymoon

    My personal honeymoon dream resort is Boardwalk, but I can totally get behind everyone saying the Polynesian also :)
  10. fireworksandfairytales

    check park availability?

    Availability Calendar Currently it's showing all dates unavailable unless you have a resort reservation, but if you select that "Resort Guests" you can see availability through September 2021. Currently the only dates without full availability are opening week at Hollywood Studios (but the rest...
  11. fireworksandfairytales

    Question re Park Reservations for 2021

    I would think they would move away from park reservations once things are back to "normal" (or increase the capacity to a much higher rate at each park and allow for reservations at more than one park a day to allow for park hopping again?) I feel like it's easier for them to set the...
  12. fireworksandfairytales


    It took me over 3 hours this morning, but I was able to get all the days for my October trip ☺️ Hope everyone else gets the days they need!
  13. fireworksandfairytales

    What ride do you miss the most ?

    Space Mountain 😭 Also Flight of Passage!
  14. fireworksandfairytales

    I believe tickets expiration dates are changing right now?

    I'm still waiting on the extension of my gold pass as well.
  15. fireworksandfairytales

    So who's going to be there in July?

    I'm a local, but definitely planning to be there whatever days are available to passholders. It's my boyfriend's birthday that week, so I already had requested most of that week off work anyways and am excited that we'll hopefully get to spend some time in the parks to celebrate after all. :)
  16. fireworksandfairytales

    I think it was a mistake to take away those mcdonalds fries stands in the parks.

    I would love for them to bring back McDonald's in the parks! Growing up I used to love getting McDonald's from the Refreshment Port and then grabbing a spot for IllumiNations. It was the perfect pre-fireworks treat :)
  17. fireworksandfairytales

    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    I don't think there will ever be a night in Magic Kingdom that I don't miss the combination of Celebrate the Magic and Wishes. I love Happily Ever After so much too & I think it's an incredible show, but Wishes will always have the most special place in my heart. Also the Osborne Lights...
  18. fireworksandfairytales

    Attraction Dealbreakers

    I wouldn't cancel my trip, but the things I'd be most disappointed on missing out on are: 1. Happily Ever After 2. Space Mountain 3. Flight of Passage 4. Fantasmic 5. Big Thunder Mountain
  19. fireworksandfairytales

    Meeting Gaston. What to expect?

    I've always found the line for Gaston to be reasonable and every time I've met him has been a wonderful interaction that was well worth the wait. :)
  20. fireworksandfairytales

    What is WDW like to locals?

    The majority of my friends/co-workers in Orlando have annual passes and most of them go to the parks about once a month. My close friends and I usually go about once a week. Usually we'll go after work to catch fireworks or just for a few hours in the afternoon to catch Festival of Fantasy and...
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