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  1. Schweino

    Seeking additional budget 'hacks' that you may use

    Hello all. I wanted to see if anyone had any additional budget 'hacks' they use to pay off their Disney vacation. The main reason is my wife, while she has had a great time both our trips, doesn't want to spend the money to go back and would like to experience other things. I, however, want to...
  2. Schweino

    Question around Star Wars Day at Sea

    Hello All. First, I have never looked at Disney cruises in much detail. Always thought they were overpriced compared to RC/Carnival and I could get equal amounts of 'adult' fun. However, someone let me know there is such thing as Star Wars cruises and I immediately became interested. Has anyone...
  3. Schweino

    Resort choice help

    Hey all! This Nebraska cold we got slammed with recently (and my wife getting a bonus) has made us want to get back to Orlando. We are looking for an off-site hotel and here are some 'wants': 1. Free Breakfast (biscuits and gravy?! Pancakes and eggs!) 2. Spa - my wife would love to get a...
  4. Schweino

    Discovery Cove Question

    Hey all! We are looking at maybe a spite trip to Sea World to get out of the cold. As is stands today, does anyone know if you can still do Dolphin Swim there? Also I thought I read that you can also swim with otters but not sure if that is a thing or not. TIA!
  5. Schweino

    General DVC questions

    Hey all! So with our recent honeymoon we are sort of teasing getting a DVC - mainly because my parents are wanting to move to FL. While we are waiting for them to make that decision: We are from Nebraska - we don't get to FL often. We would most likely make a yearly trip down there, maybe twice...
  6. Schweino

    Trip Report Covid Honeymoon! (11/27 - 12/5)

    Not sure I am going to post a whop of pictures, but wanted to offer my review of our days for our Covid stay! Friday - arrived at 1 PM, at the resort by 2:30, and then did Disney Springs. There were hand sanitizer stations everywhere - every store and random places in the walk ways and entrys...
  7. Schweino

    Epcot Festival of Holidays Food question

    Hello family! We are gonna be down at WDW on 11/27 and doing Epcot 11/28. We have never been during the Holidays and with the Epcot Holiday Festival and the different foods they have, is there like samplers that wifey and myself can go taste and multiple venues or are they like full fledge meals...
  8. Schweino

    Dress Code help

    Hello Fam. Below are the list of restaurants we are going to where I have questions on the dress code. I am not a huge dress shirt/dress pants kind of person. California Grill Dinner - from reading, it seems I need to wear some khakis and a dress shirt? Le Cellier - since it is inside a park...
  9. Schweino

    Disney expanded 60 day rule??

    I was prepared to wake up at 4:40 am every day for the next 8 days to take advantage of booking our top choices on the first day available. Soon as 5 am Central hit, Disney allowed me to book up until 12-4? Didn't want to make the screenshot super small but on 12-4 we got Royal Table.
  10. Schweino

    Soonest you can book dining?

    Hey family! So I know you can book dining 60 days out now, but what's the soonest time you can book? Is it Midnight eastern on the 60th day or? This is probably going to be our last trip to Disney for quite a few years and we want to ensure we grab the restaurants we really want to go to for our...
  11. Schweino

    Honeymoon ideas - Covid Edition

    So when we were planning our initial Honeymoon we saw a lot of additional activities we wanted to do instead of just parks, dining and relaxing. Covid of course cancelled that trip and knocked out the ideas (lost the darn list when we moved into our home). We arrive 11/27 and wanted to gauge if...
  12. Schweino

    Disney Premier Card Question w/ Magic Bands

    Hello family! We are new owners of the Disney Premier Rewards card (the Millennium Falcon card is awesome, but the card number is hard to read on the back :( ). I understand that card holders can get shopping and dining discounts at Disney at select locations. Does this automatically apply if I...
  13. Schweino

    Is there something going on 12/3-12/5?

    I've been trying to navigate into a preferred room at Pop for our trip (11/27-12/5) and I can only get until 12/3. After that, it appears its booked and even AoA didn't have any regular rooms during those dates. I tried calling Disney and they pretty much told me there's nothing that can be done...
  14. Schweino

    Need shoes for Disney - Nike preferred

    So I wasn't sure where to post this, but trip planning felt appropriate. I have a gift card for Nike and definitely need to get me a new pair of walking shoes for Disney. I wore a pair of Jordans (6 rings) for three days last time and that was the worst mistake ever. I literally filled our tub...
  15. Schweino

    POP prices in March - whew!

    It looks like Pop per night in March is ranging from 232-265 a night on average. Is that normal for that time of the year? I was looking at surprising my wife with the Flower festival they are doing but at those prices theres no way in heck. I am wondering if All Stars being closed and people...
  16. Schweino

    Current bounce back offers?

    Last question of the night while I am waiting 78 days for our trip :) Anyone have any idea if Disney is doing bounce back offers right now and if so, what are those offers like? I know in the past they have tried to throw on free dining with a bounce back, but with that not being offered, was...
  17. Schweino

    Are they still taking luggage from the airport for you?

    Silly question but figure I would ask - I know ME is running, but are they taking your luggage to your room for you like before? Wasn't sure if that changed with Covid. TIA!
  18. Schweino

    Any Disney pro's have any thoughts on their recent holiday update?

    Wife and I have never been to Disney during the holidays (heck, this is her second trip ever and my fourth). With the recent holiday updates - do you have any thoughts on what to expect? I definitely figured the party at MK was going to be cancelled, but not going to lie, we were excited about...
  19. Schweino

    Coronado Springs or Pop?

    Hello all! I am trying to decide if I want to go with CS or Pop. CS looks to be about $400 overall more than Pop and we are going 11/27-12/5. What is most important to me: 1. Decorative - between the two I am not sure which one is more decorated for the Holidays. It would be awesome to be...
  20. Schweino

    Finally taking our Honeymoon 11/27!!!

    So..we've been back and forth on this SO MANY times about coming back to Disney this year. My fiance (now wife), my family (parents and sister/bro in law) went in August 2019 where I proposed to her August 30th, first night of MNSSHP. She had never been to Disney before and for both of us it was...
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