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    Everyone's Best and Worst Dining Experiences?

    Worst: Kona cafe for breakfast waited over an hour for two fried eggs. Best: Its a tie between Chef Mickey and Raglan road, great food and service from both.
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    Bad Experience at Coronado Springs Resort

    Ha Had the same issue with the Caribbean beach resort, but after two days of it I asked to speak to a manager. Who was extremely helpful and got everything sorted out quickly and credited our account with account with $50, for the inconvience. Well done Cbr
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    Caribbean Beach Vs. Coronado Springs

    We stayed at the Wilderness lodge last November during the pool renovation. Nice hotel, the lobby can get very noisey and the quick service resturant is very small. It gets verybusy there in the mornings and can be hard to find a seat. I can't comment on the pool but the quiet pool was fine...
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    Caribbean Beach Vs. Coronado Springs

    We've stayed at Cbr 3 times and are booked to stay there again at the end of the month. We love it, the theming, the quiet and even the walk to Port Royale. Its not for everyone but hey thats why Disney has so many different resorts. The only way to know which you like is to try them, which is...
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    CBR bridge to old port royale

    We're staying there 24th of October and we recieved an email so must be closed till at least then.
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    my disney experience

    We're traveling from Ireland and we booked ours through disney travel company uk. We had to ring them and quote our confirmation number they then gave us our booking number, which includes letters and numbers. With this u can link your reservation on mde. If u booked through a travel agent you...
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    DTD Wolfgang Puck Express ?

    Not sure if the potatoes were instant but they tasted great, and the meatloaf was too!
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    DDP credit conversion question

    When we where there in November 2013 we could too. How many snacks we got for each credit depended on who we asked. One CM said like for like , another 2 per CS credit and a third gave us 4 per CS credit. So just ask there seems to be no set rule.
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    Caribbean Beach?

    Just read in a newsletter the rooms are currently being renovated and will have queen beds. Some will have a fold out bunk so they can sleep 5. Should be finished in spring 2015.
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    Wilderness Lodge Feature Pool Closure

    We thought the same thing. This is our first trip to WL and while we're disappointed about the pool its not gonna ruin our holiday. In fact we're looking forward to seeing the Contemporary's pool. To be honest we're going to WDW for more than a pool and we've worked long and hard to get there...
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    Caribbean Beach?

    We've stayed there in 2011 and 2013. We have also booked it again for oct 2015. My family love this resort. It seems to be on this forum anyway that you either love it or hate it. Anyway the biggest con for most people seems to be the size. But if that bothers you, you can always book a prefered...
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    QS Dining plan question

    Your dinning credits are linked altogether. So if you and your son are staying for i.e. 5 days it will just show as 20 QS credits. It doesn't show as 10 adult and 10 child. Hope that helps.
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    Caribbean Beach "reviews"

    I take all the reviews with a pinch of salt. I only meant for you to look at other peoples photos as this might help you make a decision. And itsnot only outside non-fans that seem to dislike it. Cbr seems to be the one resort that people have very strong views on, myself probaly included. I...
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    Caribbean Beach "reviews"

    Love cbr have stayed there twice and each time it was great. The rooms were spotless and comfortable. Love the fact each island has a quiet pool which suited our 5 yr old. The main pool is brillantly themed. The bus service isn't perfect but what is. The views are fantastic and its a beautiful...
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    I just dont see how you guys do it.....

    no harm in trying. Lol
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    I just dont see how you guys do it.....

    While alot of the rides aren't unique some are better. Pirates of the caribbean, thunder mountain and space mountain which is totally different. It also has crush's coaster and the new Ratatouille ride opening this year. Plus the car stunt show first came from Paris. While I love dlrp I also...
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    I just dont see how you guys do it.....

    I'm so jealous we've only been 3 times. We where there last October/November for 3 weeks and we all were nearly crying leaving. going again this November and I'm so excited already. I wish I lived closer but we live in Ireland. Though I have been to disneyland Paris 11 times its not quite the same.
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    set up resort reservation now need the park ticket numbers?

    When u say package I assume this includes resort and park tickets. If so ur travel agent needs to ring disney and get ur reservation number. Tell them its not the same as confirmation number, to link to mde u need a code with letters and numbers. If this fails trying ringing the disney travel...
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    set up resort reservation now need the park ticket numbers?

    Is your resort reservation numbers and letters or just numbers? When we booked our package our confirmation number was just numbers so it wouldn't link to mde. We have to ring and get the american reservation number which included both letters and numbers this then linked no problem with mde.
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    Caribbean Beach resort rumor

    Honestly never noticed. Maybe its that we're too tired or maybe the irish are just naturally smaller and no we're not lepreachans.
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