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  1. DisneyJeff

    Pre-Trip Let's spend some DVC points!!!

    Please note, this is my first attempt at a Pre-Trip report, so please bear with my ramblings. :) So after many years of being tempted to buy into DVC, my wife and I finally decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge into the DVC pool. On our last trip in October 2016, we stopped by a DVC...
  2. DisneyJeff

    Authentication Required Pop-Up

    Often, while using the Forums, I get a Authentication Required Pop-up (see below). I have already signed into my account, and even if I enter my ID and PW again, the pop-up still appears. I'm assuming that this has something to do with my cookies and/or firewall. Is there anything that I can...
  3. DisneyJeff

    FP+ Question: Test Track / Soarin' / Frozen EE

    It looks like they are keeping the FP+ tier levels in place in Epcot for the time being and Test Track, Soarin' and Frozen Ever After are all Tier 1. I am looking for opinions on what would be the best choice to FP and which one would be the one to head to at rope-drop? Will FP be available for...
  4. DisneyJeff

    Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Construction

    Last December there was work being done on the pool area of POFQ Resort. I was wondering if the construction had completed and what the results looked like. Anyone have any information?
  5. DisneyJeff

    Annual Pass Discount When Purchasing Annual Passes

    I am trying to plan a trip for the end of November / beginning of December. I intend to purchase an Annual Pass for this trip. In looking to book a room, I am told that I can't use the annual pass discount because my pass would not be active when booking. Do I have any options here? Not that I...
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