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  1. SplashZander

    In defense of Bob Chapek

    Since the moment Chapek was announced as CEO, he was greeted by almost overwhelming negativity on these boards. There's no denying that he has made questionable decisions, especially in the eyes of Disney purists, but he probably has done more good than bad. One of the more major complaints of...
  2. SplashZander

    Dinoland replacement.

    Here is my second attempt for a replacement of Dinoland USA. In the first attempt, the average of the Excavation Coaster was a lot smaller than it should've been, so that has now been increased. Here's one without marked sightlines: Here's one with marked sightlines: Here's a before and...
  3. SplashZander

    News Disney Has Purchased Approximately 235 Acres of Land

    According to the site that shall not be named, Disney has purchased 235 acres of land adjacent to the western side of the property. While I would not normally care the number of acres got me suspicious. Due to the location of the purchased property, I would suspect the land to be used for...
  4. SplashZander

    News Skyliner Costumes Revealed

    I am going to let the pictures do the talking... :banghead:
  5. SplashZander

    North Fantasyland Expansion

    A GIF showing the before and after. My New New, or North Fantasyland expansion idea. Here I am going to attempt to touch on as much as I can. The expansion is entirely grounded in realism and could easily come to fruition. All dimensions are accurately sourced from Google Earth, including...
  6. SplashZander

    Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard++ Overhaul Concept

    I based the log flume off shipwreck cove from Pirates of the Carribean at Worlds End which complies with Shanghai POTC. The Image is below. All input and criticism welcome. I want to make changes to what I have done thus far, and I am also looking for ideas for other aspects of the park. If you...
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