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  1. Schweino

    Pop Century Skyliner

    October is the 50th - pretty sure it won't be much better :)
  2. Schweino

    Seeking additional budget 'hacks' that you may use

    Hello All. Thanks for your replies on this! The good news is...I handle the money in the family :) I think setting up a second bank account is certainly doable, however, we were looking to switch banks after my car loan is paid off, which took a hit due to a pipe bursting in our basement :(...
  3. Schweino

    Seeking additional budget 'hacks' that you may use

    Hello all. I wanted to see if anyone had any additional budget 'hacks' they use to pay off their Disney vacation. The main reason is my wife, while she has had a great time both our trips, doesn't want to spend the money to go back and would like to experience other things. I, however, want to...
  4. Schweino

    Question around Star Wars Day at Sea

    Big thanks @jme for taking a moment! Will certainly take a look at that podcast. Appreciate you!
  5. Schweino

    Question around Star Wars Day at Sea

    Traveling with Kids makes total sense :) Will try searching again later - could be a temp site issue. Thanks Chuck!
  6. Schweino

    Question around Star Wars Day at Sea

    Hello All. First, I have never looked at Disney cruises in much detail. Always thought they were overpriced compared to RC/Carnival and I could get equal amounts of 'adult' fun. However, someone let me know there is such thing as Star Wars cruises and I immediately became interested. Has anyone...
  7. Schweino

    Southwest Fall Flight Schedule???

    I was on Orbitz the other day just for funsies and looking at Orlando flights for November - holy crap! I've never seen such airfare in my entire life. From Omaha I am used to paying higher fare than others because of our lack of a hub/always needing to connect, but $500 per person is absolutely...
  8. Schweino

    Tell Me Yes or Tell Me No

    We didn't bite. While I also read so many articles on this, and I was ready to pay full cash on resale (no finance), the wife and I decided not to for a few reasons: 1. It is another depreciating asset that we would own (cars). While the value doesn't fall as much as cars do, it still falls. 2...
  9. Schweino

    give me your best tips for a covid Disney trip

    1. Utilize the relaxation stations they have so you can have some time to take your masks off and get some fresh air hitting that face. 2. Accept the fact that the lines are going to appear way longer than they really are. It does cause initial shock if you haven't been since reopening. 3. Carry...
  10. Schweino

    Pop century vs Coronado Springs

    I saw some people complaining in a FB group that Coronado has worse lines for Buses compared to Pop and also there were 20+ minute waits just to get on elevators. Can't validate that of course, but that alone scares me enough to pick Pop lol
  11. Schweino

    Caribbean Beach vs PoP Century (transportation)

    We started at the skyliner at Pop. We got to the Skyliner about 25 minutes before it started moving to get in line, then were in line probably 15 minutes in CBR, so yeah the whole journey could take an hour give or take.
  12. Schweino

    Additional Hotels? - December 2021

    I had the same experience booking Pop for 8 nights last year Black Friday - 12/5. I called Disney and let them know my struggles to book for a straight 8 nights and they were able to do it over the phone and also got a preferred room to boot. Not sure what was up there.
  13. Schweino

    Dining plan?

    Someone had another post in a different thread - but agree. It doesn't make much business sense to offer a dining plan when you are not at 90% of restaurants being open and you have social distancing. IMPO, Dining Plan is not coming back until both social distancing is no longer required and...
  14. Schweino

    Fall 2021 Visit

    I know this is speculation, but with the 50th starting 10-1 and people that postponed their trips, I would take every crowd calendar out there from the past and add a few notches. It is going to be busier than expected.
  15. Schweino

    Additional Hotels? - December 2021

    Any answer you get here will be pure speculation. As we inch closer to the 50th, the only way I see POR opening back up is if all of the value/mod resorts are fully booked. Disney is still hemorrhaging money due to operational losses, and why not have a better way to make up value then push more...
  16. Schweino

    Visiting other resorts (current restrictions)

    We couldn't get past the gate at Contemp without showing our Dinner reservations when we took an Uber, FWIW. Disney Transpo though you should be fine :)
  17. Schweino

    April 2021 trip

    Personally, I feel this year is the last year staying on-property will be 'worth it'. With ME going away and magic hours being replaced with early opening, I don't see any major benefit with on-property any more except for park transpo. Different topic though, but leading to my main point.. If...
  18. Schweino

    No Free Dining ‘22 - confirmed?

    I wouldn't believe a third party travel agent on that, even if it was my own mother :) I also believe Disney brings back free dining, but they should only do so when it makes sense, and that means post-covid. You can't jam your restaurants with free dining customers and also do social distancing...
  19. Schweino

    Going in september

    It's gonna be hot :) Also, while I know this is pretty rare, but our trip in 2019 got cut short by Dorian, so there is always a chance a hurricane can come through. I actually feel our trip in 2019 (last week of August) had smaller crowds than our last trip which was first week of December of...
  20. Schweino

    Where should we stay?

    Are you park open people? If so CBR has advantages beating the AoA/Pop crowd. The budget of 10k - is flight included in that? If so, do you have a rough idea of how much it is? That gives your real budget total after flight costs. Disney rates have greatly increased the past two years. I just...
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