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    Unpopular WDW Opinions

    I really don't like rides going backwards for anything other than a short length of time. Others have criticised the touchscreens on Spaceship Earth, but I like them as it helps distract from the very slow and (what feels like) long descent.
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    I forgot I had an account here. Just wanted to say hello, again. :) Got 'Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' stuck in my head today.
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    The Deep Purple Thread

    A thread all about the English heavy metal band Deep Purple. Fans welcome! A few of my favourite songs: Hard Lovin' Man Black Night Child in Time Lazy Post your favourite songs too if you want. -OlafsNose
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    Hi guys. I'm Jonathan. I'm from Australia. My username was chosen as a Frozen reference. I was thinking of what name to use, and that name just came from my mind. I've actually been to DL this year. It was awesome. Chat soon! -OlafsNose
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