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  1. k8einwdw

    Trip Report The More the Merrier - November/December 2020

    Hello friends! We have been back from our most recent trip to WDW for over two months, but I have just wrapped up my September trip report, so I am a little delayed in starting this one. Nevertheless, I am excited to share this trip report with you, and hope you all enjoy following along! Let's...
  2. k8einwdw

    Trip Report *Completed* You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home - September 2020

    Hello friends, and welcome to another K and J trip report! We will be returning to Walt Disney World together after basically a year away…more on that later. This is my fourth trip report so I’m sure many of you know us by this point, so I’ll keep the introductions brief…well, brief for me...
  3. k8einwdw

    Trip Report ***COMPLETED*** Happy Howdyween - September 2019

    Hello friends, and welcome to another J and K trip report! Since we’re all stuck at home with no word on when the Disney parks will reopen, I thought I would bring you all along to relive the magic of our last WDW trip. After all, this is WDW Magic, and you all have only seen J and I go to...
  4. k8einwdw

    Trip Report ***COMPLETED*** Girls Just Wanna Have Sun ☀️

    Hello friends, and welcome to my second trip report! I enjoyed writing my Disneyland TR so much that I’m back again to report on my next adventure! Let’s hop right into it! What: A Disney CRUISE! 🙌🏼 I haven’t been on a cruise since 2004 (I was 13!), and I haven’t been on a Disney Cruise since...
  5. k8einwdw

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* A Jolly Holiday with K & J

    Hello and welcome to my very first trip report! I’ve been following along to many people’s trip reports over the past few months, and I’ve decided it’s time to come out of the shadows and write my own! I so enjoy reading trip reports on here - it helps me feel like I’m really there, and allows...
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