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  1. Prince Thomas

    1st Week of November....

    What are the parks like usually at this time of year? I'll be there starting November 1st and staying for a week. What are the crowds sizes? Weather? Any info u guys could supply would be dope!!! Thank u in advance my WDW friends....
  2. Prince Thomas

    1992 Pirates Refurb

    does anyone here know if this ride was refurbished in 1992? My family and I visited Disneyland this year. My mom says it was closed when we went but I keep saying it was open and I went on it! Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Prince Thomas

    WDW Website Down

    Any1 know why the WDW website has been down all day???
  4. Prince Thomas

    March Bday in MK

    Going to celebrate my bday in MK march 4-8...Hub refurb looks tragic, Little Mermaid closed, Peter pan closed, Thunder Mountain closed and a few others...CLOSED!!! How do they have the balls to make us pay full price admission??? What is the point of me going to the MK?? when i booked back in...
  5. Prince Thomas

    Backstage @ The Haunted Mansion

    Hello my WDWM friends!!! I'll be coming down to WDW in March for my birthday and my fave ride has always been The Haunted Mansion! The actual day of my bday is going to be spent at MK and they have EMH till 2am. What are the chances or odds that they would let me ride it with all the lights on...
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