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  1. Scrooged

    Question regarding rides and arm sling injuries...

    My son recently broke his arm (proximal humerus/clean break) and will be wearing a sling and arm wrap for six to eight weeks. Of course this happened just before our vacation (which includes MNSSHP and a possible Hollywood Studios visit) and I was wondering if anyone had any ride tips. Clearly...
  2. Scrooged

    Any Love for the new Ducktales series out there?

    I’ve been a big Ducktales fan since I was as a kid. (As evident by my avatar) I’ve become a huge fan of the new series that started last year. There is just so much to love. Lots of call backs to the original show, and even further references to the Carl Barks stories. And we finally get to see...
  3. Scrooged

    Is anyone else concerned about the Aladdin Teaser?

    Is anyone else concerned at how flat and badly rendered Will smith looks as Genie? Maybe this is a rose colored glasses situation for me, but this looks absolutely atrocious. Then again- it’s only a 1:20 teaser....
  4. Scrooged

    I am no longer LURKING

    After about two years of lurking I feel as if my voice (like the voices of MILLIONS across the internet) should be added to the din of Disney geekery. Hopefully I can add some good points and participate without being a total Scrooge.
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