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    NBA Quarantined at Walt Disney World

    Writing for Yahoo Sports, Keith Smith argues that Walt Disney World would be the ideal place for the NBA to resume play. In his view, WDW has the right facilities: The right broadcast capabilities: The right accommodations: The right relationship with the NBA: And, setting Disney apart...
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    Sharing Magical Extras

    We're meeting some friends at WDW. We (2 people) booked a package that came with a Magical Extras card and vouchers, they (2 people) did not. Can I use my Magical Extras card and the four free mini-golf vouchers to get free mini golf for all four of us? Does Disney care if I "spend" two of...
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    Split-Stay FastPass Window

    Hi all, We are planning a trip for January 9, 2019 through January 13, 2019. We normally stay at Coronado Springs, but—because it was not available for all of our dates—we are doing our first split-stay. On the night of January 9, we're staying at All-Star Music. On January 10 through...
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