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    Pirates queue social distance walls

    When did they put these walls in the pirates queue? They are everywhere I including inside. I did a search and couldn't find anything. If it's a repost please delete.
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    Rise increases capacity

    I hope this already hasn't been posted. But rise of the resistance has increased their capacity by putting dividers on the cars and in the pre-show. Hopefully this will increase guest's chances of getting a boarding group.
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    HS Slinky Dog starts running earlier than posted opening.

    When did they start running Slinky earlier than park opening? Park opening is at 10, Slinky running at least at 9:20. We got in line at 9:25 and it is moving steadily.
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    Disney Survey on implementing a $15 resort fee

    I just received a survey from Disney basically asking how I would feel about a $15 resort fee. They put this in a question that basically said that if you booked a room at a deluxe resort for $350 per night and there was a $15 resort fee for Magical Express, Wifi, Children's activities, and a...
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