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    Cast Member Drinking Water From Decorative Fountains?

    We've had to drain and clean our pools where I work a couple of times because of this; it's a health code mandate from my understanding. And you certainly can get ill from water! Everything from flesh eating bacteria to typhoid to ingesting heavy metals.
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    Those of you who bring breakfast from home to eat in the room...

    We have just grabbed pastries, milk and bananas in the food court after coming back from the Parks and stored them over night in the fridge.
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    Haunted Mansion to Return with New Enhancements and Magic :(

    Just as a quick comment: the elderly are not necessarily falling due to not understanding the buggy system, but rather because they can't walk fast enough to catch up to the buggies. My father nearly fell trying to get in last January, and would have had the cast member not been fast enough...
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    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    The problem with Universal is it's not as big a multi-generational park. In 2018 my father was interested in a day there. We looked at everything and concluded that for an 89 year old it just wasn't worth it. I know you probably don't care about the elderly, but lots of us do.
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    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    Eventually they'll have to. The big question is will they have enough. My hotel (not affiliated with Disney) has two and that's clearly inadequate for us.
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    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    He's doing the same thing management does at my hotel: simultaneously ***** about the stresses of full houses [that they never have to deal with personally] while humble bragging about how full they are. They don't get to do both. They have a solution for at least the short term. They can shut...
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    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    While I sympathize with trying to fit everyone into rooms - I've spent many an hour juggling rooms for full house nights - there's an easy solution: cap reservations. If you always leave, say, 50 -100 rooms (depending on the size of the resort) off market but ready to go in case of mix...
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    News Disneyland Guidelines note that guests can be asked to leave for using profanity or offensive language

    You know, if you have to be told not to be verbally abusive you're not ready for visiting any theme park let alone a Disney one.
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    News Disneyland Guidelines note that guests can be asked to leave for using profanity or offensive language

    I work at an upscale resort. The verbal abuse I get as a night auditor is very much worse than I got working fast food. People with money can be just as bad if not worse than everyone else. I've been called all this and worse. Yes, I know you think that's funny. They meant it. I don't.
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    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    Jungle Cruise is different at Disneyland. I don't get why Disney can't offer the Magical Express as a paid option. An extra $10 or $15 bucks a person? Yeah, the luggage alone makes that worth it for me.
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    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    And so have thousands not employed by Disney. Your constant banging the drum on how!unique!Disney/California!is!for being affected by Covid is distasteful as well.
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    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Just out of curiosity is there some sort of limit of how many hours a day a ride operator can legally work?
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    Things we can learn from Disney attractions

    Country Bears taught me that a bear mournfully singing **Blood on the Saddle** will never not be funny. **Impressions du France" taught me I need to take a trip there.
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    When staying on property, which makes the most sense?

    Once again, the Value resorts are not "barely above Motel 6"; they have too many amenities. 24 housekeeping (and I am guessing maintenance) and security. Swimming pools, landscaping (it ain't cheap), a bar, free outdoor movies, a gift shop, the food court including pizza delivery until midnight...
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    Disneyland officially reopening April 30th

    Now on to the important question: how will the reopening affect the Disneyland cats?
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    Favorite Restaurant at Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

    Tangierine Cafe and Sunshine Seasons at Epcot, Tusker House and Flame Tree at Animal Kingdom.
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    Unimpressed with Animal Kingdom

    I have never been on a vacation where there hasn't been some planning by someone. Going to Rome? Look at that guidebook. Have your heart set on seeing the David statue in Florence? You'll save time buying tickets ahead of time. As for seeing animals, you think if you go to an actual wilderness...
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