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  1. 91JLovesDisney

    Splash Mountain audio

    Was just listening to a POV of Splash Mountain and heard something unfamiliar: The two farming bunnies normally say "Look yonder, there goes br'er rabbit" "being chased by Br'er Fox and Br'er bear, as usual" but before you arrive at that scene, in the background you can hear different...
  2. 91JLovesDisney

    Need help identifying a song

    Been enjoying TDL's CC BGM lately, but there's a pleasant song in there that I don't recognize, and after a bit of digging I also cannot find the name of the song... thought you guys might be able to help. It plays from 35:16-38:25. Thanks :)
  3. 91JLovesDisney

    Potc queue BGM confusion

    I'm sure (or at least I hope) we're all pretty familiar with the potc queue music, aka Pirate Overture by George Bruns: But for some reason, when you search for potc queue BGM, what comes up is only the (flute? some sort of wind instrument) part of the track, that just loops, such as this...
  4. 91JLovesDisney

    Yo Ho Instrumental

    Looking for a track I seem to remember seeing online but can't find now: I believe this version of Yo Ho instrumental was added with the 2006 refurb - here's the original: Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) Instrumental - YouTube Anyone know where this file might exist? Already checked mousebits
  5. 91JLovesDisney

    Runaway Railway Pre-Preshow BGM

    Hello! I noticed that the Chinese Theatre queue music you hear before entering the preshow room in Runaway Railway has not yet been released online, however I did spot that Christopher Willis (composer of the newer Mickey short soundtracks) has release most of the scores from the shorts on his...
  6. 91JLovesDisney

    Connection between Dreamflight & Space Mountain?

    Hello! Just watching Marni's Dreamflight tribute, and I noticed something that looked familiar. This cone-shaped building, featured in the middle of the screen: Looks a lot like the cone-shaped building in this painting at the exit of Space Mountain... anyone know if there's any connection...
  7. 91JLovesDisney

    Space Mountain Soundtrack

    Just looking around the web and found this, skipped through it a bit, and noticed some strange spacey noises I didn't recognize played on top of Third Tunnel... anyone know what this is? I wondered if maybe it's sound effects from the games installed in 2010?
  8. 91JLovesDisney

    The Seas with Nemo & Friends Source Audio?

    Hey! Just making this post because I wondered if anyone possibly had or maybe heard about Seas w/ Nemo source audio or source audio tracks? This is a bit random I know, but it's one of those few EPCOT attractions where I haven't seen source anywhere. If there's not, I completely understand...
  9. 91JLovesDisney

    COVID Spiel at Disney

    The spiel goes "Thank you for visiting us today, just a few reminders. Please wear a face covering at all times, except while actively eating or drinking while stationary. Clean your hands often and thoroughly. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, and maintain physical...
  10. 91JLovesDisney

    Space Mountain City of the Future painting

    Hello! Just wanted to make a quick post, because after my last trip to WDW, I really admired what what a cool painting the picture you see in the post-show of space mountain is. In case you don't know what I'm referring to: After looking hard online, I can't seem to find any good images of...
  11. 91JLovesDisney

    Recording audio from WDW

    I am going to be heading off on a WDW trip on August 1st, and there are a couple things that I wanted to record, such as the health requirement safety spiel from Space Mountain. I just wondered if anyone knew what kind of device I should use to record this - originally I was just thinking a...
  12. 91JLovesDisney

    Big Space Mountain Audio News

    Just found this and I am jumping with excitement
  13. 91JLovesDisney

    Awesome Tomorrowland picture

    My mom took the picture on the right, and later I was browsing images of Tomorrowland for fun, and I found an almost identical picture from (it seems like) 70s or 80s. Just wanted to share this! :D
  14. 91JLovesDisney

    WED Enterprises Font

    I wondered if anyone knew what this font was? I tried using font-finder websites which usually help, and Disney font lists, but I wasn't able to find it on either. It seems there is a font for it, because someone had to have made the quote on this image. I want both the fonts shown on the image...
  15. 91JLovesDisney

    Haunted Mansion stretching portraits

    This came up while talking about haunted mansion in the car. Are the stretching portraits in the stretching room of HM original, or were the Disneyland 1959 versions any different? I can’t find anything about this on the Disney wiki, or online in general, so thought I’d consult the nerds of...
  16. 91JLovesDisney

    EPCOT/Progress City Model Location

    from what I have read online it seems no one knows where the remaining pieces of the Epcot model are, after they cut out the small section for a TTA. I guess I wondered if anyone on here knew, or had a guess as to where they are keeping it. I thought they could possibly still be keeping it in...
  17. 91JLovesDisney

    Souvenir Maps

    I will delete this post eventually, but my mom wanted me to ask whether or not anyone knew if Disneyland/WDW still sold souvenir maps? Like the bigger wall maps you used to be able to purchase. Thanks! :D
  18. 91JLovesDisney

    I am new here! I wanted some advice

    So I know the general rules for forums, but I had a cool idea to make one post per day, giving links to my favorite Disney soundtracks to listen to. I was wondering if this would get annoying, and if maybe I should post these on my profile page? I guess I'm just wondering if its ok with you guys...
  19. 91JLovesDisney

    We've Come So Far (Promising Tomorrows)

    *This post was just made for anyone who wasn't already informed of this knowledge** Ok so if there are any space mountain nerds out there you may know this already, but to those of you who thought the song "We've Come So Far," also known as "Promising Tomorrows" only exists in the form of one...
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