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  1. pacochran

    RIP Diane Disney Miller

    How sad another close tie to Walt Disney and his legacy gone.
  2. pacochran

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

    Will be in the world in 5 more days. Last time went was 2010 so it's been a while.
  3. pacochran

    Disney launch 'Limited Time Magic' for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2013

    I hope that it is something new everyweek, we will be there February 5th thru 12th hope something is going on. It is a little confusing.
  4. pacochran

    December 2011 Roll Call!

    I'm a little bummin this year as we will not be going in December like we usually do. The upside is that we have booked Aulani for the month of February 2012, which is why we aren't going this year.
  5. pacochran

    Quick Service Dining in Hollywood Studios

    We usually do either Pizza Planet or Backlot express. We have tried ABC Commissary because the meals were something different but the wife and kids didn't like it at all and refuse to go back. I didn't think it was anything special.
  6. pacochran

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    Only 15 hours to go and we will be on the Plane to the world!:sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: Can't believe it's finally here.
  7. pacochran

    Another Food Change at Flame Tree!!

    Bummer, we are going to be eating there next week and that is what I was going to get. Thanks for the warning I won't be surprised and disapointed.
  8. pacochran

    Character Breakfasts - Which One

    Like you we've only done Cinderella's castle, but this year we are going to be trying Tucker House next week actually, we've heard good things about it.
  9. pacochran

    No performance of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights on December 1

    As long as they are working next Tuesday when we will be there. Love the lights would hate to miss them.
  10. pacochran

    Our First Ever Christmas Trip

    We've gone several times at this time of year and will be there again in 10 days December 3rd.:sohappy:. The first year that we went at this time of year we took a day and did a tour of the resorts to see their displays. We went to the Grand Floridian for the Gingerbread house, at Beach Club...
  11. pacochran

    Jim Shore at Disney in December

    I am so excited. I collect Jim Shore Mickey Mouse statures. I just found out at Allearsnet.com that he is going to be in Disney the same time we are. He will be in DTD on the 3rd and 5th and in Epcot on the 4th, signing peices. We are arriving on the 3rd so will be at DTD on the 5th trying to...
  12. pacochran

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    14 days from right now we will be enjoying our place at BCV.:sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  13. pacochran

    Week after Thanksgiving

    We usually go the Tuesday after Thanksgiving for a week and it is great. Once in a while some of the popular rides have along wait, but generally not bad. This year because of commitments we are going a little later. We will be there the 3rd thru the 12th. Pop Warner does affect it a little bit...
  14. pacochran

    2010 park merchandise

    If I were you I would check out the outlets if you can because in the past the 2010 thngs have started to appear in the outlets and at 50% off the retail price. It has become one of our traditions to hit the outlets on the first day of our trip, as we usually rent a car to get us to the resort...
  15. pacochran

    Disney Visa Card Points

    We always use them no matter how many on each trip, but because we are DVC we use them for other things. This year we have a ton as it has been two years since we went, they will pay for all of meals on Disney property and spending money.
  16. pacochran

    A look at the Gingerbread House under construction at the Grand Floridian Resort

    We didn't see it last time we were down there but this year we are going to do a day of resorts tours so we can see the different set ups. Can't wait.
  17. pacochran

    MVMCP Report from last night's party!

    Great Pictures thanks for showing. Getting me in the mood for being down in Disney next month though we are not doing the party this year not in the budget.
  18. pacochran

    A look at this year's Magic Kingdom Holiday decorations

    Great Pictures! Thanks! Can't wait as we will be at the world in 23 more days to see it ourselves.
  19. pacochran

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    Down to 37 days.:sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:. It's my busy time at work too, and will be till the middle of November, so can't wait to be back on WDW on the 3rd of December, really looking forward to it this year.
  20. pacochran

    Walt Disney world model for sale?

    I've loved those models, but like others have said boy are they expensive.
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