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  1. pacochran

    Jim Shore at Disney in December

    I am so excited. I collect Jim Shore Mickey Mouse statures. I just found out at Allearsnet.com that he is going to be in Disney the same time we are. He will be in DTD on the 3rd and 5th and in Epcot on the 4th, signing peices. We are arriving on the 3rd so will be at DTD on the 5th trying to...
  2. pacochran

    Tuskers House Character Breakfast?

    My wife just got us reservations for the Character Breakfast at Tuskers House for our vacation in December. I was wondering what people thought of it and is it worth it? Thanks
  3. pacochran

    Days to Avoid Parks

    We are planning our December Trip, and somewhere there was a list of which days are bad days at various parks. I know you can never predict what it's going to be like at a parek on a particular day. But there was someplace that had a list that said on Monday avoid say MK. Does anyone know where...
  4. pacochran

    Spirit of Aloha in December

    We are going to be at the world Dec 3rd thru the 12th and were thinking about doing the Spirit of Aloha show. First of all is it worth it? Secondly has anyone done it at this time of year and what was it like as we know that it is outside. We may end up doing just Ohana's (this is inside...
  5. pacochran

    Remy at Epcot Chef de France

    Not sure this is the right place but if not please move, also did quick search and didn't see it covered. Just read my latest Allearsnet.com newsletter and it was mentioned that it started March 9th and going thru I believe September 5th and Animatronic puppet of Remy was doing shows at Chef de...
  6. pacochran

    Trip Report 12/2-12/9

    Sad person right now as just back from the World:cry: Overall vacation (as usual) was great and weather was great while we were down there two days in mid 60's rest in low 70's, and being from MA the 60's were great. On 12/3 we did MK, crowds and lines were great, got to ride favorite rides...
  7. pacochran

    I own a piece of the Magic

    Had to share this. I just found out what my DW and DC got me for Christmas. They bought me a share of Disney Stock. I know own a very very very small peice of the Magic. I am so psyched had to share it.
  8. pacochran

    DVC tour of Cinderella Suite

    Did a search and didn't see this posted. According to Allearsnet.com newsletter that I recieved yesterday. "Disney Vacation Club members have the chance to tour the Cinderella Castle Suite inside Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom on August 31, 2008. The Member-exclusive, 20-minute tours...
  9. pacochran

    Reminder Disney On Travel Channel

    Just thought I would put our a reminder that Disney is on Every Friday at 9PM on Travel Channel starting tomorrow night April 11th thru Friday May 4th. April 11th-Samantha Brown's Disney Favorites April 18th-Disney Splurge April 25th-Disney on a Dime May 2nd-The Disney Royal Treatment Saw a...
  10. pacochran

    Trip 11/28-12/5 observations

    Just got back from our trip yesterday:cry::cry: just thought I would post things I observed or happened. 1. Biggest thing was on Tuesday as we in line at Buzz Lightyear in MK our second thing of the day a dream squad was there and we got dream fastpasses. This made our kids day. 2. On Thursday...
  11. pacochran

    How to Get picked for HSM at DMGM?

    My DD (12) is a big fan of High School Musical 1 & 2 and anything to do with it. We know that there is the HSM Pep Rally right now and will be an updated version later this year. We've seen it on some travel shows and it appears they pick kids from the audience to participate. Does any know what...
  12. pacochran

    Trip Report 11/28 to 12/2

    :cry: Trips over. Had a great time as always. Went to Christmas Party the day we arrived, on 11/28, it was great, not big crowds, and got to ride quite a few of favorite rides a couple of times with very very little wait. Saw the new POTC and thought it was awesome, the Dave Jones effect...
  13. pacochran

    New "Dreams" DVC promotional material.

    We are DVC members (BCV), and love it.:sohappy: We talked my sister-in-law into looking into it recently, and so she called and they said they would send out a promotional package. She got it yesterday and was showing us. It came with this nice hard cover "Book" that was a purplish color and...
  14. pacochran

    Where to Make suggestion for Merchandise?

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows someone that suggustions for Merchandise, could go thru? There are some things I would love to buy and thought they would be done, there and when I checked they said no we don't sell these. One idea I had was to have Cane/or Walking Sticks carved...
  15. pacochran

    MGM Journey Into Narnia Still Open?

    My son really likes Narnia and when we were there last year they hadn't opened the Journey Into Narnia Back Stage tour. I was wondering if it is still open and if so when is it slated to close. We are going at the end of November and he would really like to see it. Thanks.
  16. pacochran

    Tips on getting selected for Backlot Tour Show

    I was wondering if anyone knows how they pick the people for the little show before the backlot tour? Is there any tricks to getting selected? Two years ago I was selected as Davy Crocketts angel at Hoopi Di Do Review. So last year I read some of the tips about Indiania Jones Stunt show and...
  17. pacochran

    Just Got Back and what a great Time!!!

    Just got back on Thursday and what a great time we had though now, I need a vacation from my vacation. Just thought I'd post a few hi-lites and notes about some things. First park on last Friday (Dec 2nd) we did MGM, and it really wasn't that crowded. 1. My favorite moment on the trip was...
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