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  1. Gelatoni


    Sorry if this has been posted. I've been bored and the was a treasure to listen too.
  2. Gelatoni

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    I didn't see a thread for this yet. Anyone else waiting to see what the Chase Visa offer is for the first months of 2020? I'm planning on going in Feb.
  3. Gelatoni

    1988 Polynesian hotel bill

    I found this and thought is was interesting. It's a bit faded but it looks to be 351 for 2 nights at the Polynesian hotel. Always neat to look back.
  4. Gelatoni

    illuminations last day?

    I did a quick search and couldn't find a discussion on this. Disney is saying late summer. Summer Ends Sept 23. I'm going Sept 2-7. Is there any chance illuminations still be running for my trip.
  5. Gelatoni

    Can I remove someone from a booked trip?

    I got a free dining trip for Sept 2-7 but I'm not sure if my mother can make it or not due to work. Can I remove her down the road or is she stuck on it?
  6. Gelatoni

    Is a week after too late to celebrate?

    I'm going to WDW a week after my birthday. is it still fine to be celebrating your birthday a week after?
  7. Gelatoni

    Caribbean Beach market

    I'll be there in Sept do they have a temporary market up for the construction for snacks and merch.
  8. Gelatoni

    Harry Anderson DL tribute

    With the sad news of his passing let's rewatch the DL special he hosted.
  9. Gelatoni

    DL for a WDW fan

    We goto WDW every year but we are considering going to DL instead of WDW in Feb 2019. I have a few questions. Can DL fill a week? Hows the weather in Feb and are the hotels with the extra cost (we are used to value/moderate rates at WDW). Thanks
  10. Gelatoni

    Special illuminations veiwing area

    I heard that near one of the country's a cast member gives tickets to a veiwing area on one of the boat docks. Dose anyone know if this is true.
  11. Gelatoni

    Epcot arts festival screen printing question

    I called guest services and they had no idea. I'm going to the festival of the arts in 10 days when I see they are screen printing but the shirts only go up to 3xl can you bring a 4xl? I'd pay the full price...
  12. Gelatoni

    Best people watching spots?

    I'm going to wdw in early Feb for a week. I'm a big fan of people watching. Do you have any great areas to recommend for This? I be going to all the parks.
  13. Gelatoni

    Fox themed fifth gate or Hollywood Studios.

    So if the disney buyout of fox happens will the fox ip's be shoved into hollywood or would they get the fifth gate? Also I'd love to know the Simpsons contract with universal.
  14. Gelatoni

    Ignore this post

    Ignore this
  15. Gelatoni

    Any chance of Gelatoni coming to mainland America?

    They've added Gelatoni to shop disney is this a possible sign that he could be added to DL and WDW? I really hope so.
  16. Gelatoni

    Gelatoni available on shop disney now!

    You can buy Duffy's best friend on shop disney now! https://www.shopdisney.com/gelatoni-plush-medium-1452811
  17. Gelatoni

    Disney after hours back for 2018!

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-bz-disney-after-hours-2018-story.html I missed this last year so glad I'll be able to in 2018
  18. Gelatoni

    Will anyone miss Ellen's Energy Adventure?

    I see all kinds of people mad about GMR but none over EEA. There has to be someone. I personally never liked the ride but it was great for the 40 minutes and A/C. Anyone gonna miss it?
  19. Gelatoni

    Stupid moments you got really excited for

    When did you did super excited for somthing small that most people woukd miss. Mine was when we broke down in front of the Ursula in the Under the Sea Voyage ride for like 5 mintues. We were able to take so many pictures of it was awesome! Still love that moment.
  20. Gelatoni

    PotC Auction scene being removed?

    forgive me if this has been talked about. I just saw this blog post are they removing the auction scene from all the PotC rides?\ https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/06/new-pirates-set-to-join-the-crew-of-pirates-of-the-caribbean-at-disneyland-paris-july-24/
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