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  1. SteveBrickNJ

    Changing spark plugs but do I need...???

    I'm at 75,000 miles on my Mazda CX-5 At the oil change tomorrow I've requested new spark plugs ( as per the manual's suggestion) The Mazda Dealership also recommends " Intake Plenum gasket " if available I have no idea what that is and wish to just get new spark plugs. Do new sparks NEED to have...
  2. SteveBrickNJ

    Cruise Related Thread

  3. SteveBrickNJ

    2021 NHL Thread

    The 2021 NHL season begins January 13th. Looking forward to it!
  4. SteveBrickNJ

    19th Century Christmas

    Historic Allaire Village (19th Century) in Central NJ is all decked out for Christmas. I will share photos from my day....
  5. SteveBrickNJ

    Fall Foliage Photos

    Post your Fall Foliage photos here.
  6. SteveBrickNJ

    Cargo Space / Mazda CX-9 vs ???

    There is a slight chance that in the next 9 months I will trade my vehicle that is currently at 69,100 miles for a quality used vehicle. I was casually shopping on the internet and I saw some attractive "deals" on a couple different used Mazda CX-9s. If I recall the mileage of one 2018 CX-9 was...
  7. SteveBrickNJ

    As a viewer, do you miss the fans?

    When I am watching baseball, the absence of fans is a distraction to me. Yet the NHL has those attractive seat coverings...two toned blue. For me personally, as I watch the NHL I am just able to focus on the action. * How do YOU feel when watching any sporting event?? ( Make references to any sport)
  8. SteveBrickNJ

    Suggest a new name for the W. Redskins

    If the owner of the Washington Redskins asked you to suggest a new name to take the place of "Redskins", what team name would you suggest?
  9. SteveBrickNJ

    Telling about "Locking a Conversation" please

    Hello! I composed a Private Message in the wdwmagic's "start a conversation" option. I've done that numerous times and I have always ignored the option to "LOCK" the conversation. Yet this time I did want only my message recipient to be able to see it. So....I ticked the box to lock the...
  10. SteveBrickNJ

    Trying out a Kentucky Tourism Website

  11. SteveBrickNJ

    Tell me about APPLE CARPLAY

    Ignore my title please. I've come back to my first post to update my request................... If you have ANDROID AUTO in your car...I'd really like to hear about that. I have an LG android phone that has "Android Auto" in the Google Play Store. In the unlikely event that I bought a 2020 Mazda...
  12. SteveBrickNJ

    Mazda CX - 30

    I got an oil change at the Mazda dealership today. My current car is a Mazda CX- 5. Model year 2016. Anyway, while I was there I looked at the 2020 Mazda CX-30 I thought a few of you might enjoy the 2 photos I took......
  13. SteveBrickNJ

    YOUR FAVORITE (non family member) PHOTO(s)

    In your photo gallery is probably a few photos that you really like. Maybe you were in the right place at the right time....or maybe you framed the shot really well. Whatever. Share a photo or two that you like. Hey....it's something to do to pass the time while stuck at home.
  14. SteveBrickNJ

    YOUR FAVORITE photo(s) that you'll never delete

    In your phone's gallery, do you routinely delete photos so that the total number doesn't become unmanageable? Yet, I bet you have at least a couple of photos that you'll never delete. Photos that are special for one reason or another. If you want.....post one (or two) here....
  15. SteveBrickNJ

    Netflix...What would you recommend?

    Only Netflix please. Kindly resist the temptation to spin this thread to another streaming service. ( 😁 feel free to start your own thread on other streaming services ;) ) Any hidden gems? I put into the Netflix search engine: "Movies" "Blockbusters" "Epic Movies" * * My search engine prompts...
  16. SteveBrickNJ

    Stop hoarding! YOU are the problem!

    IF....if....if my title fits, only then are YOU the problem. It's a catchy title though, correct? Yet I'm totally serious and somewhat annoyed with what I witnessed first hand this morning. It was indeed just like what I'd heard from others and on the news. In life I typically buy one package of...
  17. SteveBrickNJ

    Carousel of Progress Youtube video

    I enjoyed this. Maybe you will as well.....
  18. SteveBrickNJ

    Teach me about Leasing please

    I am a 57 year old who has always purchased a car with a 4 or 5 year loan. I'd consider leasing a car.....possibly summer of 2020. I see an ad for an Acura 2020 RDX. The ad's details are $2,999 due at signing. $409 per month for 36 months. So here are the questions: If I have a TRADE IN that is...
  19. SteveBrickNJ

    Nissan Murano vs Nissan Rogue

    I watched a Youtube professional video that had the theme like my OP title. The main takeaways for me?? The Murano is a bit longer and a bit wider. It's 6 thousand dollars more. Depending on the trim level....you all know the drill. The extra width and length are noticeable to the Murano...
  20. SteveBrickNJ

    What's your favorite cereal?

    This thread is not for eggs or pancakes lovers. This thread is for cereal enthusiasts.
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