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  1. GiveMeTheMusic

    No Paint the Night during Festival of Holidays

    Disney confirmed today that Paint the Night's last 2018 performance will be November 7 to accommodate Festival of Holidays. That means Viva Navidad will be DCA's only parade during the holiday season, and World of Color will not be playing either. Things are going great!
  2. GiveMeTheMusic

    Bountiful Valley Farm Appreciation Thread

    Once upon a time, Michael Eisner thought that Disneyland guests would be really interested in seeing farm equipment up close. He was going to include it in his Disney's America park, which never materialized in Virginia. As soon as that project died, Disney's California Adventure was born and...
  3. GiveMeTheMusic

    A new friend of Duffy is coming

    And she will make her debut at Hong Kong Disneyland in the coming weeks. The park is dropping clues in advance and has already put paw prints on the Main Street sidewalk.
  4. GiveMeTheMusic

    Pixar Fest - Reviews and Thoughts, plus Soft Opening News

    PIXAR FEST is upon us, so I thought a new thread where we can post reviews of the new offerings would be worthwhile. Decorations started appearing in the Esplanade and on Main Street today (ugly), and new food and merch offerings will start to pop up over the next few days. If you're going to...
  5. GiveMeTheMusic

    WDI integration with DCP announced today

    Walt Disney Imagineering, under the leadership of Bob Weis, will take on the responsibility of developing consumer products such as merchandise, games, publishing and apps. This is a big growth of WDI’s responsibility and he will be supported by several executives moving from Disney Consumer...
  6. GiveMeTheMusic

    News bye bye bugs: Marvel Land announced, opens 2020

  7. GiveMeTheMusic

    Pirates refurb dates released

    April 23 - June 7. I for one am excited!
  8. GiveMeTheMusic

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Disneyland

    ...is very much on again for DLR. Sorry Elsa.
  9. GiveMeTheMusic

    Why doesn't the world's top theme park operator know how to operate theme parks?

    I was at Disneyland yesterday and it was a nightmare. Hordes of people on a Thursday in October. Lines for everything - Pinocchio's queue spilled out past the carousel after 9PM. Restaurants understaffed. Smokejumpers had a line out the door at 3PM. Disneyland was open from 8AM - 11PM, so they...
  10. GiveMeTheMusic

    Coming in 2018: The Year of Pixar

    A slew of Pixar-related offerings will be coming to DLR in early 2018. You might remember a survey that went out some time ago detailing some proposals for this stillborn idea that will provoke gales of indifference. TDA thinks it's all a great idea, so get ready for an all-Pixar fireworks show...
  11. GiveMeTheMusic

    How will WDW fit into the Marvel Theme Park Universe?

    This is a real thing, and internally that is what it is called. Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Theme Park Universe will tie all of Disney's Marvel (or "Super Hero" as they're called in the domestic parks) attractions/shows together. James Gunn, writer/director of the GOTG...
  12. GiveMeTheMusic

    WHERE Can We Do This Again? PTN taking a trip...

    A short one. Across the Esplanade to Disney IPs Loosely Connected To Whatever Brand We Decide Has Something To Do Or Nothing At All With California Adventure. This is the plan in motion now, but I do not have a timeline just yet. MSEP may continue as a seasonal offering, or DL may go back to...
  13. GiveMeTheMusic

    Disney confirms first ever HOT DOG DAYS event

    Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown announced today that the popular unofficial "Hot Dog Season" will get recognition from the parks in the form of a special event making its debut April 17, DISNEY HOT DOG DAYS. Sharp eyed Annual Passholders have often noted that Hot Dog Season follows the...
  14. GiveMeTheMusic

    #ByeShanghai? July Operating Calendar looks pretty normal

    Was just browsing the Disneyland.com calendar and July looks like regular summer operations. DL returns to 8am-12am hours daily, with DCA at 8am-10pm. Soundsational and Magical Map are scheduled on weekdays, and DCA gets two WOC shows per night. Does this mean the Garden Grill will come back...
  15. GiveMeTheMusic

    Disneyland Resort in 2017: Marvel TOT retheme in DCA, Fantasmic! 2.0

    After owning the venerable brand for 7 years, Disney is finally starting to get serious about adding Marvel to its eligible properties (sorry Florida!). As many of you may recall, a DCA Marvel land has been in development hell at WDI for some time now. It almost got an announcement at D23, with...
  16. GiveMeTheMusic

    Disneyland briefly hits capacity during Dapper Day event

    Some friends of mine tried to get to the resort last night and were greeted with gridlock traffic (a la May 22), parking closures and for a brief period, Disneyland park at capacity and closed. I keep telling people that Friday nights are BAD. Just don't go. The confluence of Dapper Day (which...
  17. GiveMeTheMusic

    Holiday Entertainment Announced for 2015 Christmas Season

    World of Color - Winter Dreams returns and will play alongside Celebrate nightly. Olaf's Snow Fest returns to Stage 17, Believe takes the year off, Santa moves to Critter Country. From the Disney Parks Blog here:
  18. GiveMeTheMusic

    DISNEYLAND FOREVER - Photos/Video, Reviews & Thoughts

    The new Disneyland Forever fireworks/projection spectacular has its first performance tonight for cast members before its media premiere on May 21. Public performances begin May 22 during the 24 hour kick-off event. Post any pictures, videos, reviews, etc. here!
  19. GiveMeTheMusic

    WORLD OF COLOR CELEBRATE! - Photos/Video, Reviews & Thoughts

    The all-new World of Color - Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney has its first performance on May 20 for its media premiere. Public performances begin May 22 during the 24 hour kick-off event. Post any pictures, videos, reviews, etc. here!
  20. GiveMeTheMusic

    PAINT THE NIGHT - Photos/Video, Reviews & Thoughts

    Disneyland's new Paint the Night Electrical Parade has its first performance tonight for cast members before its media premiere on May 21. Public performances begin May 22 during the 24 hour kick-off event. Post any pictures, videos, reviews, etc. here!
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