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  1. Laurenciaa

    Trip Report Quick 2 day Disneyland Paris- September 2017

    Hello everybody, I know that this forum's sub-folder is not the correct one but the DLRP-section is quite a bit dead when it comes to TR's. Just a small heads up ( and for who might be interested), I planned a 2 day trip ( 26 Sept. - 27 Sept.) to Disneyland Paris. I will spend the night in the...
  2. Laurenciaa

    Trip Report Disneyland Paris : A weekend full of upgrades!

    Hello everybody! I just got back from a weekend full of Disneyland Paris magic. Apologies for posting this DLRP Trip here but the Disneyland Paris section on this forum is kinda... slow. As the majority of you famous Trip reporters are frequent WDW visitors, an insight of another Disney Theme...
  3. Laurenciaa

    Trip Report Our French chansons and a couple of hiccups trip report to Disneyland Paris

    Good morning/day/evening everyone! I know most of the TR’s that appear on this forum are mainly written after a magical trip to The World but this is one from his smaller little ( European) brother, Disneyland Paris. Yep that’s right, a TR from DLRP! First off, you might need a short...
  4. Laurenciaa

    Pre-Trip Happy winter Holidays : 2 day trip To Disneyland Paris !

    Good afternoon/evening everyone! As my exams approach and I actually should be studying, I'm taking a little break to announce that within 21 days I will make a short trip to Disneyland Paris. Okay this sentence doesn't do justice to my excitement buy YES YES YES we are going back ! We are...
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