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  1. Tater48

    Blue Lagoon Island

    Thinking about doing the Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day excursion while in the Bahama's. Any one ever done this excursion? Looks pretty nice.
  2. Tater48

    Poly's Tiki God and Drum gone

    The Tiki God and his Drum were removed from the Polynesian Lobby last night. Unknown when, where or if He might return. As of now, He is resting comfortably in a storage trailer. He was removed to make room for a brand new DVC desk.
  3. Tater48

    Anybody see this at F&W today?

    Drunk guy in the new EPCOT swimming hole. EPCOT Food Wine and Swimming Festival by Tater48, on Flickr
  4. Tater48

    GF Gingerbread House

    This morning, at about 1:00, the framework on the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian started going up and is moving along quite well.
  5. Tater48

    Almost Christmas

    The Christmas trees rolled out from the warehouse at Central shops to Animal Kingdom, Studios and EPCOT at around 2:00 this morning. Shouldn't be long now.
  6. Tater48

    Deadliest Catch Season 9

    For all you Deadliest Catch fans, the new season starts on April 16th on the Discovery Channel.
  7. Tater48

    MVP Parade Today

    A few pics from todays MVP Parade
  8. Tater48

    Sunday over the wall photos

    A few pictures from Sunday 11/20. I didn't realize that those construction workers worked on Sunday.
  9. Tater48

    Anyone know why

    Last night we drove over to spend the evening at MK to revel in a little bit of the party atmosphere. We stayed to watch the MMY show and Wishes. Does anyone know why Tink didn't "fly" out of the Castle appearance during this performance? Wind? Weather? :shrug:
  10. Tater48

    Disney Glasses from McDonalds. Were they in sets?

    While cleaning out the attic for our upcoming move, we came across these glasses that were released by McDonalds for WDW. The first one was released in 2000 and I'm sure it was part of a set and the second was released in 1996 for the WDW 25th Anniversary(at least that is what is stamped on the...
  11. Tater48

    Texas Cruisers

    Just came across this. Disney is supposed to make the announcement on Wednesday. Anyone else heard anything about this? Disney to start sailing out of Galveston in 2012 More cruise magic is coming to Galveston. Disney Cruise Line will announce Wednesday morning that the Disney Magic will...
  12. Tater48

    Disney to open stores in China by mid 2012

  13. Tater48

    Thoughts on these ADR's.....

    Got some business to take care of in Tampa and Orlando on the 18th and 19th of November, so we decided to just make a mini Vacation out of it. Thanks to Wannabebelle (Marie) from Kingdom Konsultants for helping us get this thing together on a spur of the moment. Anyways, we booked these...
  14. Tater48

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    There are picture of the day threads for WDW, Resorts, DL, Characters and Food. How about a thread for just Disney Cruise Pictures? They really don't fit in anywhere else. There are a lot of folks on this board who have done the Disney Cruises and I know there are tons of pictures from these...
  15. Tater48

    It's finally here

    This arrived in somebody's mailbox today. 3 weeks from today, somebody will be there.
  16. Tater48

    Big River Grille and Brewing Works

    Okay, we will be eating here for the first time on our next trip to the World. Any yeas, nays or other. Will it be a waste of our time? Is the food good, average or :hurl:? Atmosphere? Also, any thoughts on the Whispering Canyon Cafe. We will be eating there for the firsts time too.
  17. Tater48

    Car rental WDW to Port Canaveral to MCO

    O.K., ohow many of you have rented a car at WDW for a trip to Port Canaveral to do the Disney cruise? Need some help choosing a company that I can rent a car at Disney World and turn at Port Canaveral, and then rent one there and drive it and turn it in at MCO. Enterprise? Alamo? thrifty...
  18. Tater48

    Just Back from the World...Anyone ever experience this??

    Just got back from a great time at WDW. Had a snow delay in Houston on the way, yes, it snowed in Houston on Friday, but the weather there was great. Might do a trip report later, but we experienced something that we had never experienced before. We were there for some of the time that Pop...
  19. Tater48

    Decisions. Need a little help....................

    We are going to WDW in December and have never had breakfast in any of the parks. Usually we just grab a little something at the resort and head on to the parks. This year, we have another couple going with us and she will be turning 40 something:lookaroun while we are there. I need some...
  20. Tater48

    One Year

    Hard to believe, but I signed up and have been here for one whole year now, as of today.
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