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  1. yensid67


    I am looking for a pic of The American Adventure from the plaza on the Future World side of the park. Please post! Thanks! WITH NO OBSTRUCTIONS! Just a cear view across the Lagoon toward AA!
  2. yensid67


    I thought I read that Disney is extending their COVID regulations and practices INTO 2022? What info can someone direct me to for updated Park news on COVID-19?
  3. yensid67

    How Do YOU plan a 2021-2022 Trip NOW!?

    I have my own ideas, but I would like to know how others are planning their trips within the 2021-2022 season? I think that your ideas will help others!!!
  4. yensid67


    No virtual queues, single rider line or FastPass+ when the Walt Disney World parks reopen From Disney: "Despite early talk about virtual queues, they will not be used, including at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Disney appears confident that it can control attendance at the park, which...
  5. yensid67

    How Can I plan a trip...?

    ...when there are no current ticket prices? Trip is not until September 2022, but would like to get prices for this year as starting point!
  6. yensid67

    2022 DISNEY TRIP!

    Since things have started to improve a little and the parks WILL open...I am being optimistic and planning a FAMILY DISNEY TRIP in September 2022... AM I CRAZY!? I am hoping the virus, vaccine, cases and deaths are under control by then! PRE PLANS: Travel on Saturday, Arrive Sunday, 2-3 Days...
  7. yensid67


    I know some Disney Cast follow or check these boards...I want to put out a suggestion in hopes 'someone with enough clout' could get it done! My idea is simple and most likely be echoed by others... IDEA: Disney lives streamed many things in the past. During this unpresidented time, I would...
  8. yensid67


    We are planning an EXTENTED FAMILY trip...We will have 1-2 days for extra 'something'. Of the 2 water park, which is a must for first timers? What else could be a MUST DO for first timers? (3 adults, 2 kids)
  9. yensid67


    Has anyone used them before? Please review! This is a good deal for Tickets...$59 for one day! Too good to be true! NEVERMIND...VACATION SALES GIMMICK!:arghh::confused:
  10. yensid67


    Has anyone know if they are raising prices? I have been hearing a lot of chatter on sites, but cannot find any info!?
  11. yensid67


    What is going on with Disney!? I have read a lot that says they are discounting The Riviera up to 40% BEFORE IT EVEN OPENS! And the new Star Wars Hotel is going to be $3,300.00 for a 2 night stay!? I, personally think Disney is making even PLANNING a trip harder and less magical. If you want FP...
  12. yensid67


    Hello, friends! I am in the very early stages of POSSIBLY planning a trip for long lost Family members to meet at WDW! I am starting to put feelers out to Family to see if there is any interest. Probably a December 2022 trip OFF SITE to make it a inexpensive as possible! Does anyone have any...
  13. yensid67

    Would you pay $226 for a souvenir?

    With Star Wars opening soon at WDW, I was wondering if there is an absolute limit to buying souvenirs. Star Wars has a build your own Light saber store that will cost $226 after taxes. The poll is to find out who has restraint and who doesn't! LOL I want to make a prediction now about this...
  14. yensid67

    Share Your Favorite Recipe!

    I thought it would be fun to swap recipes of our favorite foods! With everyone from far and wide on here, the possibilities could be endlessly wonderfully delicious!!! I will start... If you like Slippery Chicken Pot Pie, this recipe will make you go GOO-GOO! Trust me! I made this from scratch...
  15. yensid67


    Today I have decided to reveal secret(s) that I use to plan a Disney World trip and save on a off site Hotel at the CHEAPEST rates! The reason I have decided to 'give in' and tell all, is that I will not be going back to Disney World in the near future or even again! So this way I might be able...
  16. yensid67

    Sad News About Planned September 2019 Trip

    I just wanted to let you guys know that my last and final trip that was suppose to take place in September 2019 has now been confirmed and canceled! Ther4e is no hope in salvaging it in any way! I have enjoyed my time on the board, giving advice and making friends. I will pop in once in awhile...
  17. yensid67

    I-4 Construction

    We will be arriving in Sanford on the Auto Train and will need to get to I-Drive hotel. Since I-4 is in a MAJOR construction project, I was wondering what the drive is/will be like. I see that they are starting Church Street Station area now. How much of a pain is it to use I-4(1-avoid; 10-OK...
  18. yensid67

    Change in Plans!

    We are anxiously awaiting our September 2019 trip! We are fine tuning the plans and made a change! We are now travelling by the Amtrak Auto Train! The difference is only $88 and that would be softened by the 2 meals included! Dinner menu looks awesome and expensive!(glad its included) Anyone...
  19. yensid67

    Any Advice for Final September 2019 Trip!?

    I think I have finalized my plans for our September 2019 WDW trip! Any advice/comments would be appreciated! Saturday, 9/21: Leave Martinsburg, WVA(11am) Amtrak Sunday, 9/22: Arrive Kissimmee, FL(10:44am) Amtrak, Check in to Hotel(3pm) Monday, 9/23: Lynx bus to Sea World Tuesday, 9/24: Itrolley...
  20. yensid67

    Anticipating MNSSHP 2019 Dates

    I am posting this in this section because its part of my planning, please move if needed! I am trying to figure out what the dates are going to be for MNSSHP in September 2019. We will be in The World from 9/21-9/28. I have looked back over the past 3 years, and it looks like they stay with the...
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