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  1. Magenta Panther

    Muppets Haunted Mansion

    I, for one, am looking forward to the Muppet Tangled Bathrooms special!
  2. Magenta Panther

    News Walt Disney World & AdventHealth "One Little Spark Lights Up For You" announcement May 6 10am ET

    That's the thing, though. Disney gleefully exploits our affections for a near-defunct ride without actually DOING anything about it. Cynical as hell.
  3. Magenta Panther

    Wanted you guys to see this

    Meow Wolf is now very profitable, and deserves to be. More and more of these will be popping up all over the country. Which means Disney AND Universal now have serious competition. Let's see what they do about it. Personally, I'd rather experience a Meow Wolf attraction than anything WDW has...
  4. Magenta Panther

    Wanted you guys to see this

    Here are two more videos regarding artists who are creating incredible immersive worlds: First, Meow Wolf's Omega Mart - a surreal supermarket: And an experience created by another group of artists, entitled Rainbow Vomit: Frickin' awesome.
  5. Magenta Panther

    Wanted you guys to see this

    Okay, so there are these art installations/dark ride experiences called "Meow Wolf" being built in various areas around the U.S. The first one was built in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Recently another installation was built in an actual amusement park - Elitch Gardens, in Denver, Colorado (in this...
  6. Magenta Panther

    News Disneyland to give Snow White’s Scary Adventures dark ride a major facelift in 2020

    Some nice new effects. I do think it's an improvement over the original. But during the cottage scene - shouldn't Dopey be holding a bouquet or something in that clenched fist? And shouldn't either he or Snow or, heck, both of them be spinning around a little since they're supposed to be...
  7. Magenta Panther

    News Tech Crunch: WDI Builds Free Roaming Bipedal Animatronic Groot With “Project Kiwi”

    Pity that this experimental tech is being wasted on a non-Disney second-tier Marvel character. Still, it's pretty cool. I've often argued for a "life-sized" interactive Mickey Mouse AA to greet guests, rather than a 5-foot human wearing a giant mouse head. This new tech could make that happen. A...
  8. Magenta Panther

    International Park Jealousy Syndrome aka IPJS

    You're making a lot of assumptions in order to try to prove your point. Fail.
  9. Magenta Panther

    International Park Jealousy Syndrome aka IPJS

    Nope. Anyone who'd like to experience genuine Disney would feel this way. I've been looking at the Fantasy Springs concept art for Tokyo Disneysea, and it both amazes and angers me. That stuff is Genuine Disney, as opposed to the Iger Acquisitions that the fathead lavishes park money on (Star...
  10. Magenta Panther

    Haunted Mansion to Return with New Enhancements and Magic :(

    Yeah, she was beyond lame. :P
  11. Magenta Panther

    News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

    Wow, gender-inclusive hairstyles! Now both boys and girls can wear mullets!
  12. Magenta Panther

    News Disney updates its legendary Four Keys model to include a fifth key

    That there's a choice piece of long-winded self-serving palaver. :p No doubt that whenever folks are pondering whether to pay high prices for fewer services at Disney parks, inclusion, diversity and representation will be the clincher. Hoo boy.
  13. Magenta Panther

    Imagineers are now a flippin' joke

    As I understand it, that...AA...is not the animatronic Ellen from the attraction Ellen's Energy Adventure. Her TV show created it for laughs. As for the original Lincoln...yes, AAs have come a long way since then. And yet...somehow, I think the original Lincoln AA looks a lot more like Lincoln...
  14. Magenta Panther

    Imagineers are now a flippin' joke

    Yeah, the Carpetbagger's videos are a lot of fun. And to anybody reading this - go to Youtube and enter this into its Search bar: Carpetbagger Meow Wolf. That will lead you to his videos that relate his experiences with a group of attractions called, well, Meow Wolf. And what are they? Well...
  15. Magenta Panther

    Imagineers are now a flippin' joke

    I stand corrected, and I'm sorry to read that the two factions are fighting each other. The loser in such a battle is ultimately the park guest...
  16. Magenta Panther

    Imagineers are now a flippin' joke

    So I just watched something on YouTube called The Carpetbagger series. It's about a dude who visits roadside attractions, amusement parks, theme parks etc. And in one episode he went to WDW and rode the Tower of Terror. And sure enough - just like some on this site mentioned - the "Imagineers"...
  17. Magenta Panther

    Which character or movie would you like to see represented in the parks?

    I'd go with Zootopia. Great characters and cool environments would make a stellar attraction if done properly. I don't want to hear that the movie doesn't fit in Animal Kingdom. It makes a heck of a lot more sense - and would be a lot more fun - than dippy non-Disney Avatar. Second choice -...
  18. Magenta Panther

    Raya and the Last Dragon

    It made an anemic 5.5 million in its second weekend and you find that impressive? Why? Because it's number one two weeks in a row? What was the competition, aside from the cat and mouse cartoon that's still beating it worldwide? We'll see if the streaming numbers add any oomph to the results....
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